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“This Is So Hard.” Mike Tyson Divulges His Mount Rushmore of Boxing Beyond Muhammad Ali and Roberto Duran

Boxing legend Mike Tyson is one of the few professional boxers who transcended the sport itself and reached unprecedented heights. Renowned for his ferocity, power, and electrifying performances inside the ring, Iron Mike’s impact on the boxing landscape is immeasurable. As a former undisputed Heavyweight champion, he has inspired countless fighters and captivated fans with his awe-inspiring skills.

However, when asked about the individuals who have left him awestruck, Tyson reveals that even for someone of his stature, meeting boxing icons like Muhammad Ali and Roberto Duran was an unforgettable experience. In Tyson’s journey to the pinnacle of boxing, he drew inspiration from the greats who came before him, particularly Muhammad Ali and Roberto Duran. Ali’s impact on the sport also transcended the boxing ring, as he used his platform to champion civil rights and advocate for social justice. Likewise, Roberto Duran, known for his relentless fighting style and fierce determination, earned Tyson’s respect as a true street fighter who became a boxing legend. However, it seems that the former champion has a few more names to add to his list of boxing greats.

Mike Tyson delves into the Glorious History of Boxing


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In a recent interview, ‘Iron Mike’ was asked who he would put in his Mount Rushmore along with Ali and Duran. Tyson finds the task incredibly challenging. Recognizing the wealth of talent and impact that various fighters have brought to the sport, he mentions names like Lester Ellis, the Australian Lightweight champion known as “The Master Blaster.”


Wow. This is so hard. I would look at guys from different perspectives. I would look at Lester Ellis.” he said.


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Tyson also pays homage to the legendary George Foreman, whose immense power and remarkable career left an indelible mark on the Heavyweight division. Additionally, Sugar Ray Robinson, one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters in history also receives ‘Iron Mike’s’ admiration.

Yes. George Foreman. Sugar Ray Robinson. So many people deserve to be up there.” he added

Tyson’s personal boxing Mount Rushmore extends beyond iconic figures like Ali and Duran. He also recognizes the contributions of other legends like Ellis, Foreman, and Sugar Ray Robinson. While the selection process becomes a daunting task, highlighting the incredible depth and history of the sport. Each fighter mentioned by Tyson has played a significant role in shaping boxing. However, Tyson feels that when pitted against the boxers of today these legends might not fare too well in today’s boxing landscape.

Tyson reflects on the contrasting eras and challenges faced by past champions

According to Tyson, legendary boxers like Jack Johnson and Rocky Marciano would face significant challenges if pitted against current boxers. He believes that modern fighters possess a combination of size, strength, and training techniques that make them a different breed of athletes. Despite the grueling training regimes of past eras, the former champion argues that contemporary boxers train smarter and benefit from advancements in sports science.

No way. I don’t believe that. Guys are just bigger and stronger. Much stronger. A different kind of human being—even though they trained longer and harder back then—the fighters today train smarter” said Tyson when asked about how past champions would fare today.


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This statement highlights the importance of recognizing the changes in the sport over time and the ongoing development of boxing. Ultimately, whether past champions would be able to hold their own against current boxers remains a matter of speculation. However, Tyson’s perspective suggests that the sport has evolved to favor the strengths and abilities of contemporary fighters. Despite this, as the sport continues to evolve, it is essential to honor and appreciate the diverse talents and legacies left behind by these boxing icons.

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