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‘The Jason Lee Show’ Episode 20: Tiffany Haddish Talks Wanting Kids With Jason Lee, Smash Or Passing Mike Tyson + More

Tiffany Haddish is the latest guest to sit down with HU Founder Jason Lee on the latest episode of REVOLT’s “The Jason Lee Show.” Despite her busy schedule, the actress still finds the time for a sit-down interview to get into some things — including her long-standing plans to have a child with Lee.

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Haddish, who currently has several films in the pipeline, including the highly-anticipated “Girls Trip 2” and “The Afterparty,” also opened up on criticism she has received from those who say they don’t find her to be a funny comedian. “I’m not for everybody, just like everybody ain’t for me,” she said.

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“Like, if I’m not funny to you, cool. I’m not supposed to be funny to you. You are not the person paying my bills. You not the studio executive, you not the theater, you not the promoter.” Haddish said that even if the promoter wasn’t to find her funny, she’s still selling out seats so, of course, they want to do business with her.

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“I don’t need everyone to think I’m funny, because I’m not funny all the time […] I know that I’m funny. I have survived this funny through being funny. I have gotten out of getting my a** beat by f***** big a** body b**** by being funny.”

Meanwhile, despite her desire to adopt children, Haddish had previously decided to prioritize her busy work schedule instead of welcoming children at that time.

Haddish wants to be able to give her future child her undivided attention and personally raise them without relying on others for help. Although her financial situation had improved, she wanted to ensure that she can provide for the child both emotionally and financially.

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Growing up in foster care, Haddish has a personal connection to the foster care system and a deep desire to help children who are in similar situations. She’s always wanted to be a source of support, guidance, and love for a child, someone they can watch TV and laugh with.

She also previously said how she hopes to share her knowledge, recipes, and life journey with them. While she may now have the means to take care of a child, she believes that it is important to wait until the timing is right and she can fully commit to the responsibilities of motherhood.

And now it seems “she’s ready,” because Haddish says she still wants to have a child with Lee.

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