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Every Major Big Bang Theory Character If They Were A Bad Ex-Boyfriend

The Big Bang Theory featured quite a bit of heartbreak over its 12 seasons, and we have a pretty good idea its characters act as exes.

The Big Bang Theory is perhaps the most popular show to have aired on CBS. Premiering in 2007, audiences have followed the lives of TVs funniest scientists. Although the show came to an end in May 2019, The Big Bang Theory remains a fan favorite due to the connection fans have with characters.

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Characters on the show have their quirks which have made them likable, but also, at times, irritable. All major characters have had their own share of heartbreak throughout the shows 12-season run, though not all have been bad exes. Hence, here is every major Big Bang Theory character if they were a bad ex-boyfriend.


Sheldon Cooper is the show’s quirkiest character, and, if he were a bad ex-boyfriend, it would not work out well for those involved. When Sheldon and Amy broke up in season nine, Sheldon was a bad ex-boyfriend and was not able to leave Amy alone. He would often slander and guilt Amy on “Fun with Flags.”

Further, in the season’s second episode “The Separation Oscillation,” Sheldon stole Penny’s underwear with the hope to make Amy jealous. Although Sheldon can often be seen as emotionless, he can be a dangerously petty ex-boyfriend as he has demonstrated in the past, which is why he would make a bad ex-boyfriend.


Amy Farrah Fowler hasn’t particularly broken any major characters’ hearts in the show. However, she’s always been the one to initiate breakups with Sheldon. If Amy were a bad ex-boyfriend, she would fear loneliness and miss her ex trying to form a connection once more. In the season nine episode “The Platonic Permutation,” Amy tells Sheldon that she’s ready to start dating again. Yet, to her surprise, Sheldon rejects her offer.

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After being rejected, Amy remains respectful despite being sad. It is difficult to imagine Amy as a bad ex-boyfriend due to her maturity, but it can be presumed she would be more annoying to her friends with a fear of loneliness.


Throughout the show’s 12-season run, Leonard has had many heartbreaks, mostly at the hands of his now-wife, Penny. Although he remained respectful towards Penny after their multiple breakups, Leonard was a bad ex-boyfriend because he was always complaining to Sheldon, Raj, and Howard about being single.

For example, in the season one episode “The Fuzzy Boots Corollary,” a broken-hearted Leonard leaves Sheldon to figure out how to comfort his best friend, singing out “you don’t even care” after seeing Penny with someone else. Leonard would also use his greatest tool as an ex-boyfriend: guilt. Hofstadter would not be ashamed to guilt-trip an ex. This technique works for Leonard in season 6 episode “The Decoupling Fluctuation,” where he uses his puppy eyes to prevent Penny from breaking up with him.


Penny is a heartbreaker. As an ex, she has proven she can be mature and respectful, although she would always lead Leonard on. Being from Nebraska, Penny would not be afraid to threaten her exes with a “Nebraskan flair.” For example, in “The Tangerine Factor,” the seventeenth episode of the first season, Penny threw her exes iPod out of the window and expressed her anger by swearing at him. If Penny was an ex-boyfriend, she would not only be on a violent streak, but she’d also be committed to letting her exes know how wrong they were.

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Howard is best known for his never-ending confidence. From his introduction in the series pilot, he has always affirmed his position as the most sexually blunt friend between himself, Raj, Leonard, and Sheldon. However, Howard Wolowitz is the complete opposite when it comes to breakups. As a bad ex-boyfriend, Howard would be stalker-ish and petty on social media.

In the season two episode “The Vegas Renormalization,” Howard decides to stay in the hotel room in Vegas to check up on Leslie Winkle and update his status on Facebook stating, “I may open this jar of peanuts and just end it all.” Further, Howard would avoid an ex at all costs. This would attribute to him as a bad ex-boyfriend as this shows his lack of maturity.


Bernadette was introduced to the audience as a sweet and kind-hearted girl. However, as we get to know her, she reveals her true colors and isn’t afraid to raise her voice. As a bad ex-boyfriend, Bernadette would most likely resort to the pettiness within her; much like she did in season six episode nine “The Parking Spot Escalation.”

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In the episode, Bernadette was guilty of having Amy’s car towed and scratched. Hence, if she were a bad ex-boyfriend, it can be assumed she would do the same to said ex. Further, the audience is fully aware of Bernadette’s capabilities to be assertive and competitive, which contributes to her frightening side. Therefore, it can be said Bernadette would be an angry ex-boyfriend and a force to be reckoned.


A split image of Raj in blue and violet sweaters

Out of all the characters of the show, Raj would be the worst ex-boyfriend. As a bad ex-boyfriend, Raj would not find it easy to move on from a relationship as when the opportunity arises; he’d run back to an ex rather than explore a new relationship.

For example, in the season nine episode “The Application Deterioration,” Raj finds himself back with Emily rather than with Claire. Further, Raj would remain in contact with an ex, causing them to be in further uncomfortable situations. In season 10 episode 14, “The Emotion Detection Automation,” Raj holds a focus group for all his ex-girlfriends, and, although being advised it was a bad idea, he still follows through. Raj would extend his bad behavior towards his friends as in season six episode 17, “The Monster Isolation,” Raj leaves his friends concerned for his wellbeing when dealing with a break-up.

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