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10 Unpopular Opinions On The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory might be a wildly successful comedy, but that doesn't mean that the fans agree on the best (and the worst) bits of it.

It doesn’t matter how long a show like The Big Bang Theory has been off the air, when a show is that successful for 12 seasons, there’s going to be people talking about it and dissecting each episode. However, not all TBBT fans agree on the same thing.

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All the characters changed over the course of 12 seasons. Fashion updates were made, character flaws were intersected, and most of all, growth occurred. But was every storyline a success? Not according to RedditTBBT fans took to the forum to talk about their unpopular opinions on the show. Take a look below to see the verdict!

Leonard Is A Narcissist

Like most of the main characters on TBBT, Leonard Hofstadter had some pretty serious self-confidence issues. It didn’t help that his mom was a doctor who studied his flaws. However, no matter how much he questioned his abilities with women, he was able to pick up women with ease (Penny just took longer). One fan told Reddit that Leonard is a “narcissistic needy baby in a relationship which, seeing what intellectual qualities Penny has to offer, clearly has only one benefit for him.”

Amy’s Fascination With Penny & Sheldon Was Annoying

Painting of Amy and Penny that Amy gave her in TBBT

Amy Farrah Fowler is another character who grew up a lot since season one. She went from a robotic woman who didn’t understand Penny’s ways to wanting to live with her.

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Her transition into wanting to be Sheldon’s girlfriend and Penny’s best friend was longstanding and hilarious. But not all fans thought that way. One fan felt that Amy’s “clinginess was sickening” while someone else said it was “annoying.”

Raj Is The Worst

The episode where Raj breaks up with Emily on TBBT

Some fans were heartbroken when the series ended with no resolution for Raj’s love life. If there was one person who should have walked away from the series with a fiance or wife, it was Raj. He was a hopeless romantic who always wanted someone to love; it just didn’t happen for him.

For other fans, they thought he was desperate, whiney, and privileged. He complained about most things and became pouty when things didn’t go his way. While he was tamer than let’s say Howard or Leonard, his hopelessness was enough to drive some fans mad.

The Show Went Downhill After Everyone Started Dating

The Big Bang Theory transitioned from Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard being single and desperate to everyone ending up with someone (well, except for Raj). But was that the demise of the series?

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Some fans think that once everyone got into a serious relationship the show went downhill. Amy was able to help Sheldon become more socially aware, Penny stopped being promiscuous and started a bland relationship with Leonard, and Howard stopped his womanizing ways. Season one and season 12 may as well be two different shows.

TBBT Went Downhill After Sheldon & Amy Had Coitus

Sheldon and Amy in bed together on TBBT

Speaking of the series going downhill, one fan told Reddit they think it started when Amy and Sheldon first slept together. Once they formed an unbreakable bond TBBT sold out. They said, “They’re appealing to the larger crowd that’s watching the show and not the original people it was aimed at.” They continued saying that the show became another “generic comedy” no different from other sitcoms on TV.

Howard Was The Worst Part Of The Show

The Big Bang Theory Sad Howard

Many The Big Bang Theory fans felt that Howard was annoying beyond belief at the beginning of the series. He was sexist, misogynistic, and demeaned anyone he didn’t agree with. Howard is still a touch creepy after marrying Bernadette but it’s not the level it was in the first two seasons.

For some fans, his creepiness never stopped and it made him the worst part of the show. He was rude to Sheldon because he knew he wouldn’t understand and his objectifying of women ruined the character for many. It looks like marriage and kids weren’t enough to save him from his past.

TBBT Is Better Than The Office

After cruising through the Reddit threads on The Big Bang Theory, fans and haters alike will realize that the show is hated in online forums. As it turns out, haters of the show are more likely to raise their disdain for the show online than its fans are. And oddly enough, another popular thread in the TBBT universe is its comparison to The Office. Although both sitcoms are completely different, fans of both series go head-to-head on which show was better. And for some fans, they believe The Big Bang Theory reigns supreme over a show that potentially started mockumentaries.

The Laugh Track Is Overused

The gang eating takeout at Apartment 4A in The Big Bang Theory

Is The Big Bang Theory as funny as it claims to be? Some fans on Reddit think the laugh track is overused and overdone. The jokes aren’t as funny as the laugh track makes the joke seem. In fact, there are some clips of the show sans laugh track and the jokes don’t come off as humorous as they’re supposed to be. As one fan said, the “incredibly loud laughter” is annoying and they compared it to How I Met Your Mother. 

Why Did Sheldon Have To Become “Normal”?

On the flipside of Sheldon and Amy’s relationship, some fans aren’t angry that they fell and love and ended up together but they are mad that they conformed to normalcy. “I have no problem with Sheldon and Amy being together,” the Redditor said. “What made Sheldon quirky and interesting for me in the beginning was he is kind of like an asexual robot, unlike normal guys.” Over time, he transformed into every other “normal” guy. He lost his quirkiness.

The Show Is Overrated

More often than not, there are plenty of friends who have the unpopular opinion that TBBT is overrated and not as good as it’s supposed to be. After multiple awards and 12 seasons, expectant fans wanted more. One fan said, “I’ve tried to watch it so many times, I’ve tried to enjoy it, but to no avail. It’s just not funny to me whatsoever.” They concluded saying that the Bazinga shtick was not funny and that they wanted to “punch” Sheldon!

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