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The Big Bang Theory: Amy’s Slow Transformation Over The Years

Amy may be started as a shy wallflower on The Big Bang Theory, but the sitcom scientist grew into a warm, lovable person with cute style to match.

Amy Farrah Fowler’s first episode on The Big Bang Theory was in season 3’s “The Lunar Excitation.” Thanks to Raj and Howard, the two men thought they found the perfect woman for Sheldon, and their little plan ended up working. Sheldon and Amy had their ups and downs over the course of the show, but they were truly meant for each other.

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Another aspect of the show that also had its highs and lows was Amy’s personality and style. From season 3 to season 12, Amy has transformed from a shy neuroscientist to a confident and successful Nobel Prize winner.

Amy Used To Love Striped Sweaters

amy farrah fowlers style in season four

In season 3 and 4, Amy loved wearing patterns on top of patterns. She didn’t just wear a striped sweater; she wore a striped sweater on top of a plaid button-down and colorful shirt. In fact, most of the cast wore multiple layers and prints.

The one thing that has stayed consistent in Amy’s style is that she doesn’t seem too fond of pants. She often opts for knee-high skirts and tights topped with a long sweater most of the time — it’s hard to think of an episode where Amy is wearing jeans. Her conservative style matched her personality as Amy was uptight and closed-off in season 3.

Breaking Out Of Her Shell

the big bang theory - The Agreement Dissection

In season 4’s “The Agreement Dissection,” Amy started breaking out of her shell a little bit. While she didn’t switch from those striped sweaters she loved, she did let her new “bestie” Penny influence her fashion choices a bit.

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It looks like Penny lived the life Amy wanted, and becoming friends with her was a chance to start fresh in adulthood. Now that she and Penny were becoming closer in the fourth season, Amy started letting viewers see more of personality — and colorful sweaters.

Pretty In Pink In Season 5

amy farrah fowler in season five of tbbt

Season 5 was a big one for Amy. She became more comfortable with her new friends and realized how involved she was with Sheldon. Sheldon was her first real boyfriend before they even had a title. With Amy’s growing comfort in her own skin came a little playtime in her closet.

In “The Countdown Reflection,” Amy was Bernadette’s maid of honor and wore a beautiful pink gown for the occasion. The tiara on her head was also a special look into the mind of Amy Farrah Fowler. She wore something similar in season 5’s “The Pulled Groin Extrapolation.” Amy joined Leonard to a wedding he was invited to and she loved the way she in her pink and black dress. Amy outwardly loving her appearance proves how good she was feeling on the inside, too.

She Toned It Down In Season 6

The Parking Spot Escalation

In the sixth season, Amy still wore a ton of layers and prints but she toned it down a notch. Instead of wearing stripes and plaid, she opted for various solid colors instead. In “The Parking Spot Escalation,” Amy wears a corduroy outfit that looks beautiful on her.

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Her shoes and stockings matched her skirt and jacket perfectly. She looks both conservative and fashionable in this look, proving that it’s not just her relationship with Sheldon that’s maturing; Amy was also getting to know the new her.

The Perfect Thanksgiving Guest

amys outfit in The Thanksgiving Decoupling

In season 7’s “The Thanksgiving Decoupling,” Howard had invited everyone over to his mother’s house for Thanksgiving. Sadly for him, his mother was upstairs and couldn’t actually join dinner, but Bernadette’s dad was able to make it.

Sheldon and Bernadette’s dad really hit it off after talking about Sheldon’s Texas upbringing, which led to him sipping one too many beers. Tipsy, Sheldon spanked Amy’s bottom as she walked away from the living room, which both shocked and delighted her. Seeing how smitten she was in a floral dress and purple sweater, she looked her best thus far.

Valentine’s Day In A Train Car

amy and sheldon on a train - tbbt

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Amy was able to convince Sheldon to go on a little getaway with their friends Howard and Bernadette — because a train was involved. While having dinner on a beautiful, vintage train, Sheldon was on cloud nine. Amy, on the other hand, wasn’t. Sheldon was too in love with the train and a fellow passenger to pay attention to how gorgeous Amy looked. This look was similar to her Thanksgiving look but it suited her even better. She looked like a woman in love in this episode. It showed that Amy really wanted to step it up a notch in her relationship with Sheldon.

Amy Played Around In Season 8

amy farrah fowler in season u - tbbt

Unlike Penny and Bernadette, Amy didn’t have a large range of outfits. From denim skirts to striped sweaters to purple button-downs — Amy has one look. But in season 8, that changed. She started playing around with clothes and choosing florals, pinks, and fun accessories. She looked to die for in “The Prom Equivalency,” which came in handy when she and Sheldon said “I love you” for the first time. And she looked perfectly proper in “The Clean Room Infiltration” at her own Christmas party. By this season, Amy had completely transformed.

Simple And Dignified

The Positive Negative Reaction amy farrah fowler in tbbt

As gorgeous as Amy Farrah Fowler looks in floral dresses and holiday garb, her daily go-to is a long skirt and sweater. Thankfully, in season 9, the color choices she chose were better off than in years prior. Her sweaters looked fitted and like they were chosen with purpose. By this time in the series, Amy had found her voice and busted out of her shell. She is fully part of the group and has created life-long friends and commitments. Even when she and Sheldon broke up, she still hung out with the group weekly.

Proper In Purple

amy farrah fowler in The Conjugal Conjecture

Amy looks great in season 10’s “The Conjugal Conjecture.” In this episode, Penny and Leonard were having a second wedding so that their friends and family can join. Amy wore this beautiful purple dress that was the right choice for an outdoor wedding. It’s not every day Amy wears such a pretty dress and unlike Bernadette’s wedding, Amy wasn’t trying to upstage the bride with this outfit. She was just happy to be a part of her best friend Penny’s big day.

Amy Reached Her Peak In Season 12


It doesn’t get much better than Amy in season 12. She moved in with Sheldon, got married, won a Nobel Prize, and she got a makeover! With a new marriage and an amazing career, Amy wanted to update her look to match her fancy new life.

With the help of Raj, Amy found a way to freshen up her style without losing herself. She still wore her sweaters and dresses but did it in a modern fashion. Her outfits in Stockholm were unlike anything we’ve ever seen from Amy and fans were happy she felt so confident. As the last season of the series, Amy knocked it out of the park with these looks and had fully become a butterfly.

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