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Big Bang Theory: 10 Things About Raj That Would Not Fly Today

Raj Koothrappali is one of the amazing friends on The Big Bang Theory but would his problematic aspects really fly on TV today?

Raj Koothrappali is one of the amazing friends on The Big Bang Theory. As the show’s only astrophysicist, he offers a unique, poetic outlook to life, work, and dating. What makes Raj different from the rest of the group is his family’s wealth and his selective mutism when it comes to women.

Due to his wealth and his anxiousness around women, Raj has acted inappropriately on more than one occasion. And while his actions were not tolerated when the episodes aired, they would certainly not be tolerated in real life today. To see 10 Raj moments that wouldn’t fly in 2020, scroll below.

Only Talking To Women When He’s Drunk

raj and summer - bbt

There’s nothing wrong with Raj’s social anxiety or his early inability to speak to women. It only becomes wrong when Raj realizes he finds it easier to be around women when he’s drinking. And sadly, Raj becomes far too forward with women when he drinks, which makes him come off as creepy. He did this to Dr. Catherine Millstone when he needed his visa expired but when he drank too much alcohol he became inappropriate.

Wanting Penny To Look Better On Their Date

raj and penny go to the people magazine award party

In the second season, Raj gets recognized by People Magazine for his contribution to science. He’s invited to People’s celebratory party and he’s taken back when Penny agrees to go with him as his date.

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Sadly, Raj drank too much and unknowingly insulted Penny. He didn’t like her outfit and was hoping she would showoff more so he could look better. The insult did not go well and Penny was miserable throughout the evening. What’s worse is he got drunker through the night. It only made Penny realize that a possible relationship with Raj was off the table.

Trying To Hookup His Friends’ Wives

Raj and Penny look shocked after sleeping together on TBBT

In the third season, Howard and Bernadette began casually dating but by the fourth season, they became a little more serious. It’s not until Leonard starts dating Priya that she reveals her brother has a huge crush on Bernadette and writes poems about her. However, a relationship between Raj and Bernadette would make no sense because she would never do that to Howard. Similarly, he tried hooking up with Penny as soon as the two became too drunk. He didn’t even seem remorseful of it after Leonard found out. What’s worse is he told everyone the two slept together when they didn’t!

Going Back To A Woman Only When He’s Desperate

Raj and Claire run into Zack on TBBT

Raj dated Emily for a long time before realizing the two may be too different to continue. But instead of doing some soul-searching and breaking up with Emily in a humane way, he waited until he was sexually attracted to another woman to end things, which ended up making him seem insensitive.

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When Claire decided to go back to her ex-boyfriend, Raj frantically went back to Emily because he didn’t want to be alone. Raj is smart enough to know he shouldn’t be with someone just to be with someone. Not to mention it was disrespectful to someone who was so loyal to him.

Getting Too Involved With His Friends’ Relationships

Raj helping out Howard and Bernadette

Apparently, Raj thinks if he can’t steal his friends’ partners from them, he can become close enough with them to move in with them. When Raj moves out of his apartment, he stays with Howard and Bernadette in her apartment. But he ends up being too cozy with Bernadette because he does more things around the house than Howard does, which causes a fight. He did the same thing when he drank too much and forced Penny to tell Leonard she loved him. She wasn’t ready and threw him out of the apartment in disgust.

When He Was Embarrassed By His Crush’s Job

RAJ and isabella - bbt

In the 10th season, Raj ends up meeting the university’s custodian in his lab and developing feelings for her. With both of them being immigrants. they quickly formed a kinship. Issabella didn’t seem too interested in Raj at first because he was younger but he pushed his way into her heart. Sadly, Raj told his friends she was an astronomer instead of a janitor. When Issabella found out, she was upset that Raj was ashamed of her profession. This was a horrible look for him.

Judging Peoples’ Lifestyles When He Lives Off His Dad

When Raj is trying to get on his own two feet and separate himself from his family’s riches, he has a hard time finding an apartment he finds suitable and affordable. He called Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment a “dump,” even though he’s over there every week. It’s not very becoming to judge others lifestyles when he spends his money on foolish things while his dad and mom pay for his bills.

He Pushes Lucy When She’s Not Ready

Raj and Lucy talking on The Big Bang Theory

When it comes to dating, maybe Raj would have benefitted from Sheldon and Amy’s relationship agreement because his relationships rarely ended well. Fans thought Lucy was Raj’s perfect match but the more Raj liked Lucy, the more he messed it up. He searched the web for her blog and changed his personality to be less feminine. He was cold and rude to her, which made her want to leave their date early. Things got worse for the two when Raj forced Lucy to meet Amy and his friends when she wasn’t ready. Forcing your partner to do something they’re not ready for is putting them in a dangerous headspace.

Using His Dad’s Wealth As A Way To Keep A Woman

Raj's parents on Skype on TBBT

As funny as it was seeing Raj trick his parents into giving him money, cars, and jewels, it was pretty low of him to use it to win a woman’s heart. He doesn’t even realize that he’s attracting women who are only after his parents’ riches — not him. He did this with Penny’s friend from the gym who was legally deaf. Once he proclaimed his love for her and chose her over his family, she left him.

When He Got Naked In The Cafe

Raj standing in front of a barista naked on TBBT

To try and combat his social anxiety around women, Raj tries a new medication to see if it would help his selective mutism. He and Sheldon go to a cafe and Raj approaches a woman and was able to speak freely. The problem is, the pills had a strange reaction and he began stripping in front of the woman at the cafe! The woman ran out of the cafe screaming and Raj stood there in his undies without realizing anything was wrong. In 2020, he would have been arrested.

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