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The Big Bang Theory: 5 Characters Who’d Do Well In A Zombie Apocalypse

If the characters of The Big Bang Theory were thrown into a zombie apocalypse, who'd do well? Who wouldn't survive long at all?

One of the most popular sitcoms over the past decade on American television has been The Big Bang Theory. Fans drooled over the hysterically funny series with a talented ensemble cast, led by actor Jim Parsons who played the iconic Sheldon Cooper.

The male protagonists of the series are all proverbial nerds, who forget everything around them when it comes to reading or discussing their favorite comics, doing reruns of their favorite science fiction movies for the thousandth time, or simply drowning themselves in a game of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s not a stretch to imagine the fan-favorite characters in a zombie apocalypse seeing how obsessed they are with video games and role-playing. But it would be fun to wonder whether the boys’ bravado was just talk and how the girls would fare in comparison.

Poor: Stuart Bloom

Stuart looking bored while at his comic book store in The Big Bang Theory.

Stuart is the geeky comic book store owner who has a natural ability to land up in disaster and is perpetually depressed.

Stuart would be catnip if he were to in a zombie apocalypse. He might try to make a run for it but it wouldn’t be long before he’s become a victim. In fact, in a zombie movie, Stuart would unfortunately be one of the first people to die.

Great: Denise

Denise and Stuart Bloom in The Big Bang Theory

Denise was the lanky, good-humored assistant at the comic book store who started dating Stuart at a time when it seemed like the goofy owner of the store was condemned to a life of loneliness.

In a zombie apocalypse, Denise would actually fare pretty well. She is a smart young woman with a steady head on her shoulders and might even take the lead in the event of an attack.

Poor: Raj Koothrapalli

Raj looks sad in his apartment

Raj is a fan favorite on the show, the quintessentially lovable guy who never quite knows his way around women and usually ends up being bro-zoned.

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Raj is gentle, sometimes a little too much so, and although he is a fine astrophysicist, he is socially awkward and used to finding himself on the receiving end in most situations. It’s not difficult to imagine that Raj wouldn’t survive for long if he were to be pursed by a bunch of starving zombies.

Great: Anu


It’s no wonder that the men in The Big Bang Theory would be shaking in their boots in an actual zombie apocalypse, for all their vitrtual machismo, just as there is little doubt that the women would rescue them, or at the very least outlive them.

Anu was the smart young woman who became romantically involved with Raj in the final season. She was ambitious and completely in charge of her own life. In a zombie attack, Anu would be more likley to make it longer than Raj by keeping her nerves.

Poor: Howard Wolowitz

Howard standing beside a portrait of his mom and dad's wedding in The Big Bang Theory

Actor Simon Helberg played the weirdo Howard Wolowitz to perfection, as his character went from being something of a pervert to a stable, mature family man.

Howard had undoubtedly evolved on the show over the course of the years but he is still fundamentally of a nervous disposition. Remember the time he went up to the International Space Station and had the most miserable time of his life? While he came back proud, and rightly so, the experience proved that Howard would not be the best peron to have on the team in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Great: Bernadette Wolowitz

Melissa Rauch as Bernadette in TBBT

As opposed to Howard, Bernadette would have much better chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse. Bernie is smart, ambitious, sneaky and for all intents and purposes, the man of the house.

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Bernadette would be sure to distract the zombies during an attack, perhaps even scare them off with her high pitched screams and possibly chase them around instead of the other way round. She would also ensure that her family was off safe although she might not be overtly bothered to save her friends. Bernie is one of the strongest characters in the series but possibly not the most selfless.

Poor: Sheldon Cooper

Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon might be an expert in evading danger in video games but it’s not diifcult to imagine him falling apart almost immediately when being chased by the walking dead.

Sheldon has been shown to be extraordinarily nervous around fake ghosts and creepy masks during Halloween, so he would most likely be on the verge of a stroke if he were in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Yet, it is, after all, Sheldon Cooper, so one might expect some last-minute brainwave from him–maybe some hurriedly put together a scientific experiment that would simply evaporate the zombies, or if nothing else worked, he might simply irritate them to oblivion.

Great: Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farrah Fowler smiling on The Big Bang Theory

The sturdy Amy is more likley to come up with some brilliant idea that would save not just her but the entire gang in a zombie apocalypse.

Amy would most certainly be able to keep calm, think rationally and lead her friends into safety. She would also take charge of her husband who would most likely be terrifed, and guide him into safety. The zombies would scare her, of course, but she would gather the strength to deal with them.

Poor: Leonard Hofstadter

Leonard in Big Bang Theory

Johnny Galecki’s Leonard would endeavor to keep the other men together in case of a calamity and summon as much courage as possible.

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Being an experimental physicist, Leonard might try to put together an experiment at the last minute to blow the zombies off but seeing that this is Leonard Hofstadter, who can very rarely catch a break, the experiment either won’t work or might even backfire on him.

Great: Penny Hofstadter

penny in the big bang theory

The fiesty Penny is going to be the one to turn to during a zombie apocalypse or any such scary situation for that matter.

Penny, as fans know well, is spirited and plucky, and used to bossing the boys around. She also grew up on a farm making her the most thick-skinned of the entire gang, and most likely to think of something quite brazen to chase the zombies away. Unlike her more scientifically sound friends whose knowledge is mostly in theory, Penny is tough and has hard logic, making her the best candidate to have on one’s team during a zombie apocalypse.

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