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“He could draw anything” – Donald Trump speaks on the sway Mike Tyson held in his hey-day

Former President Donald Trump recently shared insights into his close relationship with boxing legend Mike Tyson and the incredible sway the fighter held during his prime. Speaking in a recent interview with UFC, Trump highlighted Tyson’s unparalleled drawing power and the mutual respect they shared.

Trump revealed, speaking fondly of their friendship:

“I had more Tyson fights than anybody else. And I got along great with him. In fact, I saw him recently, and he could not have been nicer, You know, he was always very nice to me and very good. But I had a lot of fights, and he was a draw… he could draw anything.”

Trump further praised Tyson’s illustrious career, acknowledging his tremendous success and lasting legacy in the sport. He shared:

“He had a great career, and then I was at the fight in Japan which was sort of uh… I was sitting next to Don King, and I was a little bit surprised because Mike was expected to win that [fight against Buster Douglas].”

The fight Trump referred to was the memorable bout between Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas in 1990. Douglas defeated the previously undefeated Tyson and sent shockwaves through the boxing world, making for one of the most significant upsets in sports history.

Check out Donald Trump’s interview below:

Donald Trump eyeing a podcast session with Mike Tyson

Former President Donald Trump is actively seeking to broaden his media reach and is reportedly in talks to sit down for an interview with boxing legend Mike Tyson on his popular ‘Hotboxin’ podcast. The move comes as part of a strategic campaign to engage with Americans who may not typically participate in political activities.

Trump’s campaign recognizes the potential to capitalize on his celebrity status in the contact sports community to connect with a broader audience. The interview on Tyson’s podcast offers a unique opportunity for Trump to engage with fans of contact sports and extend his media presence beyond conventional outlets.

Eixo Político
🇺🇸 Donald Trump mira veículos de mídia não tradicionais para impulsioná-lo na corrida eleitoral.

A campanha do ex-presidente negocia sua participação no podcast de Mike Tyson. Estratégia de ir a podcasts foi utilizada por Bolsonaro e Lula no Brasil para atrair novos públicos. pic.twitter.com/USBMxmp7sw

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‘Hotboxin’ podcast, hosted by Mike Tyson, has gained widespread popularity for its candid conversations with guests from diverse backgrounds. The podcast’s engaging format and Tyson’s unfiltered approach have resonated with audiences, making it an ideal platform for Trump to reach new demographics.

The Trump campaign has been diligently working behind the scenes for several months to arrange the interview with the former heavyweight champion.

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