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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things Fans Forgot About Howard’s Family

Most of The Big Bang Theory is about the gang's romantic and work lives, but family plays a huge role in the sitcom — especially Howard Wolowitz's.

On The Big Bang Theory, Howard Wolowitz brings more to the table than tight pants and witty pick-up lines. Thanks to his close relationship with his mother, Howard’s family was just as important to the series as his relationships with Bernadette and the gang were.

Over 12 seasons of the hit sitcom, not too many members of Howard’s family were seen but all of Howard’s quirks and traits are rooted in his upbringing. But with the focus of the show being on the relationships and work live of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj, the Wolowitz family tree is easy to forget.

Sam Wolowitz Left Howard When He Was 11

Sheldon finds Howard's dad's letter in The Big Bang Theory

Diehard fans know that Mr. Wolowitz left his family when Howard was a little boy, but how young was he, exactly? In “The Precious Fragmentation,” Howard notes that his dad left him and his mom when he was just 11 years old. He never saw his dad again. As a kid, it was hard for Howard to accept his dad’s absence, so his mother bought him an Alf doll to snuggle with at night to ease the pain. But even without a father figure, Howard was able to transform into a productive and respectful young man — over time.

Halley & Amy Farrah Fowler Have The Same Birthday

amys birthday - tbbt

The fact that Halley Wolowitz and Amy Farrah Fowler had the same birthday (December 17) isn’t talked about enough. With Amy and Bernadette being so close, Amy could have played an integral part in Halley’s youth. Knowing this friend group, Amy and Halley could have shared multiple birthday parties over the years.

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On the night of Halley’s birth, Amy was trying to have her annual night of coitus with Sheldon but kept being interrupted by Bernadette’s contractions. It made for a hilarious and memorable birthday.

Everything To Know About Josh Wolowitz

Howard meets his brother Josh in The Big Bang Theory

In the episode “The Fortification Implementation,” Howard is shocked when he finds out he has a half-brother named Josh, though it’s unknown whether their father was heavily involved in Josh’s life.

Surprisingly, Josh only made one appearance in the show but he was quite extraordinary. He was an oceanography student who was impressed by Howard’s accomplishments. Raj assumed Josh showed up out of the blue for money but he was just curious about the brother he never knew.

Howard Has Family Nearby But They’re Not Seen

Jeanie from TBBT

Howard and Bernadette constantly argued about his mother. Howard made it clear from the start that he was a mama’s boy because his mom had no one left. She had serious abandonment issues when Sam left the family and made Howard her entire world. However, it appears that Mrs. Wolowitz had more support than she let on.

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In “The Prom Equivalency,” it was revealed that Mrs. Wolowitz’s sister Gladys still lived in California because that’s where Stuart picked up Howard’s cousin, Jeanie. Mrs. Wolowitz’s other sister, Betty, lives not far in Palm Springs. She could have easily moved closer to her sisters if she didn’t want to interfere with Howard having a life.

Howard Is Very Descriptive Of Uncle Louie

Howard Wolowitz Big Bang Theory

Another family member of Howard’s that we never see is Uncle Louie. It’s not known if Uncle Louie is on Howard’s mom or dad’s side but he was mentioned in “The Lunar Excitation.” While talking to Raj, Howard claimed his Uncle Louie had “female breasts” and that he had a graphic photo of him in a bathing suit. Raj, however, didn’t seem interested in seeing that side of Uncle Louie.

Cousin Marty In Florida

The Military Miniaturization - tbbt with cousin marty

Howard is one of the funniest characters on The Big Bang Theory. His constant sly remarks towards Sheldon are some of the best moments on the show. Since Sheldon isn’t familiar with sarcasm, Howard’s jokes often go over his head.

But Howard and Sheldon have been known to join forces, like in “The Military Miniaturization” when they Skyped Howard’s cousin Marty in Florida for legal advice. Sadly, Marty wasn’t familiar with patent law as he was a tax lawyer. This fact only bothered Sheldon more and made the meeting unbearable. Nevertheless, it was intriguing meeting another member of Howard’s family.

Halley’s First Word Wasn’t For Her Mom Or Dad

halley calls penny mama in tbbt

With Bernadette and Howard on bed rest, Penny took the reigns and babysat Halley. But the Wolowitzes were thrown for a loop when Halley said her first words to Penny: Mama.

It’s an on-going joke that Penny isn’t maternal and shouldn’t be left alone with children since she can barely take care of herself, but she certainly did a standup job with Halley. Howard and Bernadette were furious, of course — but Penny was ecstatic!

Neil Is Named After More Than One Neil

howard and bernadettes kids - tbbt

Howard and Bernadette call their son Michael, but many fans forget that Michael isn’t his legal name. Michael was born Neil Michael Wolowitz. Bernadette wanted to name her son after her father but Howard wanted to name him after the many Neils in his life: Neil Armstrong, Neil Diamond, and Neil Gaiman. Bernadette acquiesced to Howard’s wish, but she slipped “Michael” in as the middle name and continued to call her son by that name.

Mrs. Wolowitz Slept With The Family Dentist

howards mom slept with the dentist - tbbt

Howard had a hard time adjusting to life in outer space. Not only was he being bullied by his colleagues, but the constant bickering between his mom and Bernadette was becoming too much. When Howard got back to Earth, he went to surprise his mom but was caught off-guard when the door was locked. What’s worse is he heard a male’s voice in the house. A few minutes later, Howard found the family dentist sneaking out of his house. He then realized that his mom had a secret love life that he had no idea about.

Mrs. Wolowitz Has East Coast Roots

Howard standing beside a portrait of his mom and dad's wedding in The Big Bang Theory

Mrs. Wolowitz’s voice can be heard even when fans aren’t watching the show. In a high shrill, Mrs. Wolowitz has a long, drawn-out New Jersey accent. As it turns out, Mrs. Wolowitz was born and raised in New Jersey and didn’t move to Pasadena until later in life. With her sister living in California, Mrs. Wolowitz could have moved there to be closer to family.

Funny enough, this isn’t the first time New Jersey is brought up. Leonard was also born in New Jersey and attended Princeton; Beverly Hofstadter still lives in New Jersey; and Amy lived in New Jersey for a short time because of work.

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