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Big Bang Theory: Returns in Young Sheldon Season 4

Young Sheldon season 4 premiere tackles Sheldon's high school graduation, but it also features the return of a familiar Big Bang Theory character.

Young Sheldon season 4 premiere features the return of The Big Bang Theory‘s Amy. It’s been a year and a half since the long-running CBS sitcom wrapped up, but the universe it existed in continues to thrive thanks to the prequel series that focused on the life of Sheldon Cooper back in Texas before he moves to Pasadena, California to attend CalTech.

Introduced at the end of The Big Bang Theory season 3, Amy became a regular in the sitcom at the beginning of season 4. Since then, she’s become a pivotal member of the gang as he eventually married Sheldon at the end of season 11. By season 12, the newlyweds’ work on Super Asymmetry led them to win the Nobel Prize in Physics. Their achievement was the final milestone in The Big Bang Theory‘s more than a decade run on TV. Young Sheldon, however, brings back Amy for a surprise cameo, providing a good idea of how her and Sheldon’s future looks like.

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Young Sheldon season 4, episode 1 titled “Graduation” essentially picked up from where season 3 ended. Sheldon was given the go-ahead by Medford High to graduate as valedictorian so he can start college immediately. During the family’s party that followed his and Missy’s respective ceremony, adult Sheldon suddenly talks about the next best graduation party that he ever experience, which is apparently for his son, Leonard. From there, Amy’s voice suddenly comes in reprimanding her husband for wanting to name their son after Leonard Nimoy. Check out the clip shared by The Big Bang Theory‘s official Instagram below:

It’s no secret that Young Sheldon isn’t exactly the best job in honoring what’s been established in its parent series. This is the reason why a lot of long-time followers of The Big Bang Theory is hesitant to board the prequel show. Some of the most glaring differences include how the shows’ versions of Mary Cooper differ significantly. That said, it’s moments like this that fans of The Big Bang Theory might appreciate its spinoff. As brief as Amy’s involvement is, it was effective in drumming up nostalgia for the original show. On top of that, it also provided the public with a concrete update with regard to how the Coopers will be doing in the distant future.

This isn’t the first time Amy made a Young Sheldon cameo, however. In celebration of The Big Bang Theory‘s finale in 2019, all child iterations of the Pasadena gang appeared for a cameo, although there were no interactions with young Sheldon. The only other actor from the CBS sitcom who has appeared in the series is Kaley Cuoco, who didn’t guest star as Penny, but as herself. With this, it’s curious who else will the prequel feature moving forward.

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