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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Styles All Fans Want From Penny’s Closet

Penny was always a style icon on The Big Bang Theory and these 10 looks are always worth stealing straight from her closet.

The Big Bang Theory is full of lovable and unique characters, and even after the show came to an end, fans are still falling in love with this cast over and over again as they re-watch the series. Penny, of course, is one of everyone’s favorite characters – and this hilarious and beautiful bombshell has left many many memorable looks for her fans.

When it comes to stealing television looks, fans head over to Penny’s closet frequently. She’s a queen of fashion, and there are some styles that she’s brought to the table that every fan would be more than lucky to get some inspiration from.

Collars & Sweaters

the big bang theory penny collar shirts

This is one iconic look that Penny has definitely made her own, and it’s also one that fans would definitely recreate for any day, or if they were trying to dress up as this stunning character.

This was the more sophisticated Penny, and it definitely let her fit in with Leonard and the rest of the gang. Still, it let her have her own unique vibe, too.

Pretty In Blue

the big bang theory penny blue dresses

There’s a lot of dresses that Penny wears throughout the series, but the blue ones truly deserve a category of their own. Matched with her eyes and hair color, Penny looks stunning in these gowns – and they’re totally beautiful on their own, too.

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It’s no secret that she’s always turning heads, and she can go from fun party to elegant gown in an instant. All of these dresses definitely have a place in everyone’s wardrobes.

The Cozy Sweaters

the big bang theory penny sweaters

Penny doesn’t always have to be dressed up in a fancy dress for fans to applaud her wardrobe. In fact, her closet might be a huge inspiration for anyone looking for a comfy and adorable sweater.

Every lover of this show has definitely seen her in her fanciest, but she’s also the cutest character when it comes to comfortable and cozy sweaters. For any cool day, fans are heading to her wardrobe.

Floral Blouses

the big bang theory penny floral blouses

There’s a lot of floral blouses to be seen throughout the course of the show, and it’s pretty hard to actually pick a favorite. Penny might be able to pull some of these off where others can’t, but she’s definitely done this style some justice.

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It may be an older and more traditional style, but Penny brings so much life to it that lovers of this show and this character might actually consider stealing some from her closet.

The Wedding Dresses

the big bang theory penny wedding dress

While wedding gowns aren’t exactly a ‘style’, they still deserve a shout out, and fans might actually be more inclined towards some simply lace for an elegant and gorgeous wedding day. Clearly, Penny made it work.

Sitcom weddings are always something fans look forward to, and Penny and Leonard’s was certainly no exception. Penny definitely looked stunning in both pink and in white, and her gowns are inspiring all fans.

All The Plaid

the big bang theory penny plaid

For anyone that loves plaid, Penny should definitely be a fashion icon. From dresses to shirts to sweaters, she knows how to wear all kinds of plaid, and every single look is just as comfortable and cute as the last.

Penny has changed a lot over the series, but one thing that hasn’t is the fact that she’s been slaying plaid since the beginning. She is definitely inspiring all the comfy flannel looks out there.

Patterned Dresses

the big bang theory penny patterned dresses

If there’s anyone that can pull off any pattern, it’s Penny. She knows how to have a unique look that is still super cute and elegant. These patterned dresses are only just the beginning, and fans would be honored to steal one or two from her closet.

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She can pull off practically anything, but also shows all the followers of this series that simple and cute goes a long way. There are so many patterned dresses from this series to choose from.

Casual & Comfortable

the big bang theory penny casual outfits

Again, not everyone can always dress fancy, so it’s more than nice to see all the cute and casual looks that Penny brings to the show. From t-shirts to jeans to sweaters, Penny’s casual style is something anyone can wear and totally adore.

When she’s hanging around the apartment, it’s hard to not still think she’s slaying the fashion game. She’s bringing jeans and tees to a whole new level.

The Little Black Dresses

the big bang theory penny black dresses

These might just be some of Penny’s most iconic looks from the show. Everyone needs a little black dress, and it’s time to take some notes on Penny’s fashion.

Her black dresses get more stunning and more elegant as the series goes on, and every fan would love one of their own. From super fancy to a night-out, she has a black dress for every occasion.

The Blazers

the big bang theory penny blazers

As Penny moves on from acting and starts her job as a pharmaceutical rep, fans get to see some pretty gorgeous blazers. The red blazer and black collar dress might just be one that all fans wish they had, but everyone is truly worth copying.

She can look professional, elegant, and totally stunning all at once – and that’s exactly why everyone should be taking a page out of Penny’s fashion book, and clothes out of her closet.

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