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The Big Bang Theory: The 5 Most Annoying Things Amy Did (& The 5 Sweetest)

Amy wasn't always the nicest person on The Big Bang Theory, but she did have some moments of sweetness to balance everything out.

Amy Farrah Fowler was introduced in season 3 of the hilarious CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory as Sheldon’s female counterpart, someone he would find intellectually stimulating, and just as weird and irritating as him in most respects.

Initially appearing in a recurring capacity, Amy gradually became a permanent fixture in the gang, first taking on the role of Sheldon’s girlfriend and then eventually his fianceé and wife. Being with someone as frustrating as Sheldon Cooper took a lot of patience, perseverance, and strength of mind, and Amy demonstrated all of these qualities in oodles. There were times she did some really sweet things, but also others when she was equally annoying.

Annoying: Ruined Raider’s For Sheldon & Gang

Sheldon and Amy - Big Bang Theory

One annoying thing Amy did to Sheldon and his gang of geeks was to ruin the first Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, which they thought was practically flawless.

Amy told Sheldon that the Raiders plot had a glaring loophole, that being Indiana’s complete irrelevance to the story would have had the exact same resolution as it did anyway. Sheldon and the others were understandably shocked and disappointed at having their favorite film of all time ruined for them.

Sweetest: Set Up The Vintage Train Valentine’s Day Date

Sheldon Amy first kiss

Planning Valentine’s Day with someone like Sheldon Cooper could never be a cakewalk but a girlfriend as thoughtful as Amy could still make it work.

Amy planned a romantic dinner on a vintage train for Valentine’s Day, keeping in mind that Sheldon absolutely adored trains. She even made sure that they were on a double date with Howard and Bernadette so that Sheldon would be comfortable sharing the dinner table.

Annoying: Added To Stuart’s Pains

Amy and Sheldon with Stuart Comic Book Store

Amy did try dating a few other men from time to time when Sheldon proved himself an utterly frustrating person to be with. One of these dates was with the adorable goof Stuart Bloom from the comic book store. Stuart was a beloved supporting character who never seemed to catch a break.

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He seemed genuinely happy at having gone out with Amy but the latter, rather annoyingly, accepted Sheldon’s proposal of becoming his girlfriend in the middle of the date thus letting him drag along with her and Stuart for the rest of the night. Poor Stuart, being Stuart, went along with it, but could hardly have enjoyed watching a movie with Sheldon wedged between him and Amy.

Sweetest: Agreed To Do ‘Fun With Flags’

Amy did a series of really sweet things for Sheldon, including agreeing to his endless demands and listening to his countless complaints.

One such thing she very sweetly agreed to do because it was something Sheldon was passionate about was the series of online vodcasts called ‘Fun With Flags’, with trivia on flags from different countries around the world. Flags were one of Sheldon’s hobbies and Amy made it her own, and it would seem, also learned to enjoy it herself.

Annoying: Gave Penny A Huge Unflattering Portrait

Painting of Amy and Penny that Amy gave her in TBBT

Yet another truly irritating thing Amy did was to gift Penny a huge and rather unflattering portrait of the two of them and then expecting Penny to display in her living room for everyone to see.

Amy’s infatuation with Penny was one thing, even adorable to some extent, but she went overboard when she got her that massive painting where neither she nor Penny looked very pleasant and was completely oblivious to Penny’s reactions.

Sweetest: Took An Interest In Comic Books

Bialik, Cuoco and Rauch

Amy was the most patient girlfriend ever and made efforts to find common interests with Sheldon so that the two would have more to share.

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One such gesture was Amy’s effort to read comic books to find out what the big deal was all about. The others too, Penny and Bernadette, joined in and soon the three were kneedeep in discussing Thor and his hammer. Yet another time, Amy requested Denise from the comic book store to train her in comics for Sheldon’s sake. This might have been Amy’s way of ensuring that Sheldon stayed keen on her, but there was something rather sweet about the pains she took.

Annoying: The Annoying Maid Of Honor

Amy, Penny and Bernadette on Penny's apartment in TBBT

Amy was made maid of honor at Bernadette’s wedding, when she was, justifiably, depressed after Penny and Bernadette went shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses without her.

However, when Bernadette was guilt-tripped, she didn’t quite think about the consequences of making Amy her maid of honor. The latter proved overly enthusiastic and had some very weird ideas for the bachelorette party, involving

Amy and Sheldon In Victorian Christmans Party and kising on the sofa

Amy threw a Victorian-themed party for Christmas and everybody from the gang participated, by now being immune to Amy and Sheldon’s weirdness.

But there was one person who was still irritated by the idea of a Victorian party, and that was Sheldon himself. In spite of that, Amy got him one of the sweetest gifts possible–a box of Christmas cookies for which she had called Sheldon’s Meemaw and borrowed her famous recipe. It was truly a sweet gesture and quite overwhelmed Sheldon.

Annoying: Tried To Emotionally Blackmail Penny Into Having Kids

Amy and Penny

In the final season, Penny made an important choice when she decided not to have kids. This was a crucially unconventional decision taken by the lead heroine of a popular sitcom.

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But everyone, from Leonard to Bernadette to Amy, began judging Penny and trying to guilt her into reconsidering her decision. Of course, this was intended to be a dig at how society bears down on women who take a stand that breaks socially acceptable norms. But it was annoying that Amy, who was an accomplished and strong woman herself, should also jump on the bandwagon, instead of respecting her friend’s decision.

Sweetest: Agreed To Give Up Her Nobel Nomination

Sheldon Hugging Amy

Yet another truly selfless and sweet thing Amy did was when she agreed to take her name off the Nobel recommendation so that Sheldon could have his shot, along with two other physicists, Pemberton and Campbell.

Amy had every right to not agree to this arrangement since she had contributed to at least half of the groundbreaking discovery of super asymmetry. But she wanted Sheldon to be able to live his Nobel dream and didn’t want to stand in the way of his being considered for it. Since the university suggested that only three names could be recommended for one of the most prized recognitions in the world, Amy was ready to let go of what she genuinely deserved for Sheldon’s sake. Although things went differently after that, that one time, Sheldon really didn’t deserve her.

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