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The Big Bang Theory: The 5 Most Annoying Things Bernadette Ever Did

Bernadette often made her presence known on The Big Bang Theory, and while that could be annoying, she also had the capacity to be sweet.

Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz started out as a recurring character but soon got promoted to a series regular as the girlfriend-turned-fianceé-turned-wife of the quirky Howard Wolowtiz in the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

Bernadette was a tiny person, quite literally, but she made up for her physical stature by being one of the feistiest of the gang. She was at heart a decent person, but she could get ridiculously aggressive and competitive, something which became a defining feature of her character, making her distinctly irritating at times. In fact, she had the unique capacity to hurt people deeply with her shrill, excessively sweet voice dripping with sarcasm. Here are a few instances when Bernadette acted from the heart, and others when she ended up being simply annoying.

Annoying: Took The Scavenger Hunt Way Too Seriously

Raj's Scavenger Hunt

One of the adorable friends, Raj, had a thing for setting up game nights where the gang would have to participate in things like a murder mystery, sniff up clues and solve the case, or follow a trail in a scavenger hunt.

In one such hunt, Bernadette was paired with Leonard and almost pushed him over the edge with her frustrating sense of competition. She screamed at Leonard for being slow, berated him, and was in general, absolutely maddening.

Sweetest: Asked Amy To Be Maid Of Honor

Amy, Penny and Bernadette on Penny's apartment in TBBT

When Bernadette and Penny went shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses before the former’s wedding, Amy had a near-complete meltdown, which led her two friends down a guilt trip.

Bernadette then very sweetly asked Amy to be her maid of honor, to make up for their earlier transgression. Amy turned out to be a rather annoying maid of honor, but it was a nice gesture on Bernadette’s part nonetheless.

Annoying: Nagged Penny

Penny and Bernadette talking in the apartment on the Big Bang Theory

It was Bernadette who got Penny her well-paid pharmaceutical sales job, which was decent of her. But then she started nagging and bugging Penny and was on her back all day long, that got frustrating for both parties.

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One of Bernadette’s most annoying qualities was that she was a relentless nagger, something she did with Howard as well. However, seeing that she always got what she wanted in the end, perhaps it was for the best.

Sweetest: Agreed To Take Care Of Mrs. Wolowitz

Bernadette with Howard

Underneath her tiny, tough exterior, Bernie was a good-hearted person and a caring woman, a side of her that was most often seen by her best friends and husband.

When Mrs. Wolowitz fell sick, it fell on Howard to take care of his ailing, invalid mother, a task he complained about endlessly. However, Bernadette agreed to take care of her mother-in-law without batting an eyelid, knowing very well how difficult she could be. Bernie even tried to get Howard to stop considering nursing his mother a burden, telling him that she would look out for her own mother if it were her.

Annoying: Irritated Everyone During The Vomit Comet

Bernadette with Howard, Raj, Anu Vomit Comet

Howard had planned a ride on the Vomit Comet, a weightlessness experience as a bachelor party for Raj, and even though the wedding never took place, they still went ahead with the party.

Bernadette behaved rather frustratingly about the whole affair. She was at first affronted at not having been invited for the experience, and then she bullied Howard into letting her come, even though both knew that she wouldn’t really enjoy it. However, once she got there, she refused to participate, ruining it for the others as well. Her behavior was both ridiculous and immature, and she didn’t care if she was messing up what was supposed to be fun for everyone involved.

Sweetest: Screamed At Sheldon & Leonard For Disrespecting Howard’s Mother

Gang Dining Mrs. Wolowtiz Last Food

After Howard’s mother passed away, he and Bernadette decided to invite everyone over to finish the last of the food cooked by Mrs. Wolowtiz.

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Unfortunately, the entire dinner was marred by Sheldon and Leonard quibbling over the fact that the latter’s name had not appeared in a journal that had mentioned a paper written jointly by him and Sheldon. However, Bernadette took matters into her own hands and gave the two a piece of her mind; she did it in her inimitable manner, screaming her head off at them for ruining such an important occasion for Howard, but it was still very sweet of her.

Annoying: Got Overly Competitive In Video Games

Bernadette Howard Playing Video Games

Bernadette was always of a sickeningly competitive nature, although to be fair to her, she probably needed that t get ahead in her life since she was too small physically to be taken very seriously.

She got unnecessarily aggressive while trying to beat her husband and Raj at a video game, and made a big thing of it, even taking lessons from Denise from the comic book store on how to play the game. In fact, there were times when her storylines seemed a tad forced.

Sweetest: Tried To Fulfill Howard’s Magic Dream

Helberg and Rauch as Howard and Bernie

Howard wasn’t much of a magician but he loved magic and knew a few tricks. Now, Bernadette never really encouraged this particular hobby of his as she found it idiotic.

However, when she found out about his lifelong dream of being accepted into the Magic Castle, she let go of her reservations and decided to help him achieve his dream. She did go overboard with the training but at least she made an effort to make him happy.

Annoying: Judged Penny

Melissa Rauch as Bernadette

When Penny decided against having children in the final season, almost everyone around her, with the possible exception of Sheldon who couldn’t care less, had something to say.

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The situation was annoying to say the least, for Penny had every right to make a life decision without everyone judging her. But Bernadette only added to that by telling her she was making a mistake, and even gossiping with Howard about it. For someone who herself didn’t want kids at one time, it was irritating to see her put pressure on a friend instead of being there for her.

Sweetest: Got Howard To Stop Raj From Leaving

Howard Wolowitz and Bernadette Rostenkowski Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory

In the final season, Raj decided to leave America and head to London with Anu, with whom he had settled for an arranged marriage.

Howard didn’t stop him despite being saddened by the prospect of losing his best mate. It was Bernadette who in the end asked him to make a dash for it so that he could still stop his best friend from leaving, which was a really sweet gesture, and finally led to the friends being united.

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