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Even Mike Tyson Could Not Believe How Terence Crawford Became a Champion After Getting Shot in the Head, Called Him a Crazy Motherf*cker

In a candid conversation with Mike Tyson on the “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” Podcast, welterweight fighter Terence Crawford revealed a life-threatening incident from his past that left Mike stunned. This heartfelt discussion took place before Crawford’s big fight against Errol Spence Jr.

Recalling the chilling event, just days before his 21st birthday, Terence was shooting dice with friends when he won some money and decided to call it quits. As he sat in his 1986 Pontiac Cutlass Supreme, counting his winnings, a bullet struck him from behind, grazing his head below the ear.

The surprising part is, just two months later, he was back in the boxing ring, securing a knockout victory against Michael Williams. Terence admitted he had been “hanging out with the wrong crowd” and doing “the wrong things” at that time, making it his testimony to rise above such circumstances.

Terence Crawford survived the gunshot and became more stronger (Credit- MMA Fighting)
Terence Crawford survived the gunshot and became stronger (Credit- MMA Fighting)

He took a bullet to the head but expressed gratitude for being able to pursue his passion and become a renowned boxer.”A lot of people who get shot at in the head don’t survive, let alone be able to have all the faculties that I do,” he said.

Mike Tyson, thoroughly impressed, applauded Terence’s determination to overcome such a tragedy. He remarked, “You gotta be a crazy motherfuc*** to get shot in the head and still do this shi*.”He not only survived a life-threatening incident but also went on to carve his name in the Hall of Fame.

Terence Crawford escaped as the bullet dodged, aimed at someone else

Terence Crawford also mentioned how he escaped the life-threatening bullet. Intriguingly, law enforcement investigations revealed that the shooter had not targeted Crawford but someone else with whom he had been playing on the street. Fortunately, his vehicle’s rear windscreen thwarted the bullet, sparing him from a fatal impact.



Although, the gunshot, intended for another individual, dealt him a deep wound and a sea of blood. Even then, swiftly taking charge, Crawford drove himself to a nearby hospital, where he endured an agonizing five-hour wait before receiving stitches.

He emerged from the incident stronger than ever. On that fateful day, Terence Crawford’s survival allowed fans to witness his ninth-round victory over Errol Spence Jr. This triumph crowned him the undisputed welterweight champion of the world

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