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The Big Bang Theory: 5 Times Raj Was Underrated

Raj may be one of the most underrated of the Big Bang Theory gang - but there are times when he's just plain annoying.

Rajesh Koothrappali is part of the zany friend group of The Big Bang Theory. He’s an astrophysicist who’s great at his job, has a horrible track record with women, and is a loyal and dedicated friend. Over the course of 12 seasons, Raj didn’t blossom like the rest of his friends, but he was slowly finding his way.

Unlike the rest of his friends, Raj never found love and put all of his energy into finding a partner. No matter how hard he tried, he came off too strong and too awkward to land a young lady. The kind of energy he exuded came off as needy and annoying to those around him (and fans watching him), but he wasn’t all that bad, right?

Underrated: He Deserves Credit For His Work

raj and sheldon in the office - the big bang theory

Sheldon’s genius is so intoxicating that people tend to forget about Raj and his career. As an astrophysicist at Caltech, Raj has an important job that he actually loves doing. With the help of a team, Raj helped design a space probe for Pluto. He also found a planetary object called 2008 NQ17.His work was impressive enough to catch the eyes of those over at People Magazine and later won a Newcomb Medal. Raj deserves more credit for the work he was doing in space.

Annoying: Flip-Flopping Between Women

Raj with his girlfriends on The Big Bang Theory

Raj wants a girlfriend so bad that he becomes confused when more than one woman likes him. He’s willing to tarnish his existing relationship because the appeal of being appreciated by someone new excited him. It’s sad, really.

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His relationship with Emily wasn’t perfect but she was a great girlfriend to Raj. As soon as Raj met Claire, however, he panicked and broke up with Emily so he could be with Claire. Likewise, when he went on his first date with Emily, he was overcome with emotions when his ex-girlfriend Lucy wanted to meet up for coffee. Raj deserves a great partner but he has to give them the respect he also demands.

Underrated: His Honesty Is Refreshing

Rajs first date with Emily S on TBBT

Howard, Sheldon, Leonard, and Raj are honest men. They’ve lived their lives in the shadows and don’t know how to be anyone else but themselves. (It’s when they act like someone else that they get themselves into trouble.) This is one aspect of their lives (especially Raj) that’s overlooked. Raj tells his white lies from time to time but he’s mainly an honest man who tells it like it is, and that should be celebrated.

Annoying: The Ultimate Whiner

raj sulking in the big bang theory

There’s no nice way to put it: Raj is a whiner. He whines when he doesn’t get his way, when he’s had a hard day, when his friends are busy with their girlfriends… He’s a professional whiner. He’s so used to getting his way because of the money he has but his friends are the one group of people he can’t buy.

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He whines every time a girl breaks his heart; when Howard is too busy with Bernadette, and when the group does something without him. He doesn’t know how to handle his feelings. All he knows is to cry and pout about it.

Underrated: He Cut Himself Off From His Parents

The group found out the truth about Raj’s family when Sheldon looked over Raj’s financial situation and found out that his parents weren’t just rich. They were “Ritchy Ritch rich.” It turns out that Mr. and Mrs. Kooterpali do incredibly well in India and pay for all of Raj’s expenses. The only thing Raj had to pay for was his food. Eventually, Raj realized it was time to grow up and asked to cut himself off from his parents. Considering how good he had it, he deserves some credit for leaving millions behind.

Annoying: He’s A Spoiled Mama’s Boy

Raj's parents on Skype on TBBT

With both of his parents paying for his insurance and expenses, Raj relied heavily on his parents. He went to them when he needed support in the life and love departments. And while they were harsh at times, they gave Raj the tough love he needed. Sadly, his dependence on his parents made him a mama’s boy.

After his parents got divorced, he played both sides of the fence and asked them both for things while dragging the other through the mud to get what he wanted. Not cool, Raj.

Underrated: Raj Is The Most Patient With Sheldon

raj and sheldon - the big bang theory

Not too many people are patient with the one and only Sheldon Cooper. His brilliance is both a blessing and a curse to those around him. Sheldon does incredible things with science but he’s not the easiest person to be friends with or date.

He can become unintentionally selfish and rude when he doesn’t get his way or doesn’t like a person. Leonard, in particular, had to deal with Sheldon in every aspect of life because the two were roommates, so his fuse with Sheldon was short. Howard was only friends with Sheldon because of Leonard. But Raj… Raj had a soft spot for Sheldon and listened to him.

Annoying: He’s Petty When He Doesn’t Get His Way

Lalita smiling at Sheldon in TBBT

Raj isn’t just a whiner, he’s also petty and jealous. Whether it’s his friends or the woman he’s dating, Raj can be petty when he doesn’t get his way. He spread lies about his relationship with Penny when the two “slept tother” (even though he knew they didn’t make it that far). He got mad at Sheldon for hitting it off with his blind date. And he becomes childish when his friends are busy living their own lives. If the world doesn’t stop for Raj, his petty side comes out.

Underrated: He’s By Far The Most Caring

The-Big-Bang-Theory-10x05-Stuart-Raj Cropped

Among Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette, Raj is the most caring and heartwarming person. Sure, he’s whiney and petty but he has a big heart and loves his close circle of friends.

When Howard and Bernadette announced that they were expecting their first baby, Raj acted as if it was him becoming a father. He was so excited for his best friend and couldn’t wait to celebrate life’s big moments together. He was a great listener and genuinely cared about what was going on in his friends’ lives.

Annoying: He’s Brilliant Yet Horrible With Money

rajs electronics - the big bang theory

It can be conflicting for viewers because Raj is a brilliant astrophysicist and yet he’s horrible with money. He’s a grown man who lives on his own and yet has everything paid for by his parents. When he cut ties financially with his parents, he had to move out of his apartment because he couldn’t afford it anymore. What’s weird about this is that even when Penny was down on her luck, even she could afford her rent. If Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon’s rent was affordable enough for Penny, why didn’t Raj look for an apartment in their building? Instead, he crashed with Leonard, Howard, and even Bert! Did he have no savings? It’s hard to justify from a man who does so well at work.

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