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WWE Champions Sting Like a Bee contest: Muhammad Ali poster, schedule and more

In a thrilling celebration of greatness, WWE Champions introduces the exhilarating Sting Like a Bee contest, featuring none other than the legendary Muhammad Ali. In this limited-time event, created by Scopely, you have the chance to earn exclusive posters of Muhammad Ali in various rarities. Progress through contests, and tournaments, and earn valuable rewards, including a 6-Star Bronze Poster of “The Greatest.”

This article delves into the new contest Sting Like a Bee, its rewards, and the next contest’s roadmap in WWE Champions.

Scopely introduces a new Muhammed Ali poster in the WWE Champions game

WWE Champions
Face off against your favorite WWE Superstars with BRAND-NEW Muhammad Ali! 🥊

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Muhammad Ali, recognized for his charisma and prowess both inside and outside of the boxing ring, is making his WWE Champions debut. As participants participate in the Sting Like a Bee contest, they will have the opportunity to earn special posters of Muhammad Ali in a variety of rarities.

Throughout the competition, players can also collect Medallions to redeem on the Prize Wall for Muhammad Ali’s new gear and an awe-inspiring 6-Star Bronze Poster.

In a nutshell, during the Sting Like a Bee contest, players have many ways to earn rewards and advance to greatness. The trip begins with succeeding in the competition and obtaining Muhammad Ali at the 3-Star Gold rarity.

Players can receive a 5-Star Bronze Muhammad Ali as a milestone reward by spinning the Loot and participating in the Rise of Cassius Clay Contest. In the Premium Faction Contest, every loot currency counts, and attaining the top milestone awards the faction with an exclusive Muhammad Ali poster.

Schedule for upcoming contests in WWE Champions

Roadmap of contests in WWE Champions (Image via Scopely)
Roadmap of contests in WWE Champions (Image via Scopely)

Sting Like a Bee Solo Contest

This contest includes several exciting events, each with its own set of rewards and experiences in WWE Champions. The schedule begins with the Solo Contest, which players can participate in by playing limited-time tours and spinning the treasure to advance.

Champions can compete in the Midweek Showdown Tournament for enormous points and the ultimate free milestone prize of a 3-Star Gold Muhammad Ali. Furthermore, Sting Like a Bee Prize Wall Medallions sweeten the deal for those who participate.

31/7 noon PST – 4/8 noon PST

Rope-a-Dope Showdown

The contest begins on Wednesday, and competitors can earn significant points by ranking up in the Showdown Tournament Leagues. When players use selected Superstars to accomplish tremendous progress in this contest, the rewards become even more appealing. The prize pool contains a whopping 19,000,000 Solo Contest Points as well as additional Sting Like a Bee Medallions.

2/8 noon PST – 4/8 noon PST

Premium Rise of Cassius Clay

The contest is held from Monday to Tuesday. Spin like a bee to get a guaranteed 5-Star Bronze Muhammad Ali, approximately 15 million Solo Contest Points, Sting Like a Bee Prize Wall Medallions, and a plethora of resources in WWE Champions. However, because this contest is only available for a limited time, all potential champions must seize the opportunity.

31/7 noon PST – 2/8 noon PST

Premium Rope-a-Dope Faction

The contest takes place the following Wednesday. Players can obtain the brand-new Muhammad Ali gear and extra Sting Like a Bee Prize Wall Medallions for the entire faction by spinning the booty, encouraging a spirit of brotherhood and teamwork among champions.

2/8 noon PST – 4/8 noon PST

Limited-time tours and rewards in WWE Champions


Completing chapters of the Limited-Time Tour is essential for obtaining Sting Like a Bee Solo Contest Points, Medallion Bags, and Road to SummerSlam Faction Competition Points. Obtaining Muhammad Ali early in the battle is extremely beneficial, as players benefit from his daily Limited-Time Tours, collecting 6-Star Silver Tokens and Sting Like a Bee Medallion Bags.

Sting like a Bee prize wall

The Sting Like a Bee Prize Wall is the contest’s crowning achievement, where players can exchange their hard-earned medallions for ultimate power straps, tokens, and priceless resources in WWE Champions. Climbing to the top of the Solo Contest ensures champions receive the coveted 6-Star Bronze Muhammad Ali “The Greatest” poster, which represents ultimate victory.

A legendary 6-star bronze loot

As the Greatest makes his WWE Champions debut, players can claim a brand-new 6-Star Muhammad Ali “The Greatest” poster with other great superstars. This special loot provides a fantastic opportunity to take one’s roster to new heights and crush the competition.

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