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“He’s the Bible of boxing” – Muhammad Ali hilariously introduces ‘ugly face’ Cus D’amato

Former heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali and trainer Cus D'Amato are one of the biggest legends in boxing history that have left a huge impact on the sport.

The great Muhammad Ali and Cus D’Amato are two of the most brilliant minds in boxing. Ali has left so big of an impact on boxing that fighters from the modern era aspire to be like him. Meanwhile, Cus D’Amato was a great boxing coach who trained legendary figures like Mike Tyson and more. The interaction between these two figures was not only educational but also funny.

Muhammad Ali is considered a great trash talker and many are inspired by the Great to this day. While introducing, Cus D’Amato Ali surely had a ton of respect for the coach but could not hold back on his trash-talking. ” Cus D’Amato can be seen from a great distance when the sun is shining because his head shines. The genius of boxing, he knows all about boxing. He can tell you about all the fighters, from the face first fighter up until myself.,” said Ali.

Although D’Amato and Ali were friendly with each other, both never trained together. Muhammad Ali was known to be the boss in his training camp and as such his coaches had a laid-back approach. Meanwhile, Cus D’Amato wanted his fighters to follow every part of his approach. This helped him create Mike Tyson’s famous peek-a-boo fighting style. Cus D’Amato also did not like how often Ali would get hit during his sparring sessions adding another reason to not work with ‘The Great’.

Regardless, both worshipped each other as the best. Ali has called D’Amato the Bible of boxing but again could not hold back with his amusing trash talk and called him ugly as well. Meanwhile, Cus D’Amato believed Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer, and even Mike Tyson started worshipping Ali due to his coach.

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