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Leonardo DiCaprio Wanted an Intimate Scene With Ben Affleck’s Ex So Bad He Begged the Director: “The episode ended up safely in the movie..”

Leonardo DiCaprio has done several movies that have attained iconic status in Hollywood. The actor has worked with top directors and actors and is clearly one of the most talented artists in the American entertainment industry today. In 2002, DiCaprio appeared in the American biographical crime comedy-drama Catch Me If You Can opposite Jennifer Garner and played the character of infamous con artist Frank Abagnale Jr.

However, the actor once revealed that he had a peculiar request from the movie director Steven Spielberg. He shared that to prepare himself for his part, he read the autobiography of Abagnale Jr and was surprised to read about a particular incident in his life.

The Titanic star shared that he wanted to include that episode in the film, which eventually entangled an intimate sequence with Garner. The actor said he called director Spielberg and begged him to involve that scene in the movie with the actress.

Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals How He Prepared Himself For His Role

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the finest actors in Hollywood, whose epic filmography holds dozens of blockbusters, highly-rated period dramas, and entertaining films that have undoubtedly earned buckets loads of cash at the box office. He made his big screen debut in 1991 as a child artist by starring in low-budgeted sci-fi comedy horror Critters 3. Since then, Dicaprio has led an illustrious career, remaining one of the in-demand talents in showbiz.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale Jr

The California native actor has worked with enough A-list celebrities, including Jennifer Garner. He starred opposite Garner in the 2002 American biographical crime comedy-drama Catch Me If You Can. In the flick, he played the role of a con artist Frank Abagnale Jr while the actress depicted the part of a call girl named Cheryl Ann. Nevertheless, there is an intriguing story behind the casting of the actress in the film.

In a candid interview, the 48-year-old star once revealed that to prepare himself for his part, he read the autobiography and listened to the audio seminars about the life of Abagnale Jr. The actor claimed that while reading the book, he learned about one incident in Frank Abagnale Jr life, after which he called the film director to include an intimate scene that included Jennifer Garner. According to reports, her role was not part of the initial script but because of her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio who insisted on including this scene with her.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Wanted an Intimate Scene With Jennifer Garner

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Garner in Catch Me If You Can
Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Garner in Catch Me If You Can

Leonardo DiCaprio creates magic on the silver screen and captivates the audience with his incredible acting chops. In an interview, he revealed how he convinced the film director Steven Spielberg to include the intimate scene with his co-star Jennifer Garner in Catch Me If You Can. DiCaprio shared,

“I learned about this episode from Frank’s life in preparation for the role, it is mentioned in his autobiography and audio seminars. You know, it was kind of like a book on film in which he told stories from his real life. To be honest, this case made me laugh almost to tears! You have no idea! After all, it was actually incredibly unique, bright, and, I would even say, a grand segment from Frank’s life.”

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The actor shared,

“I called Steven and begged him to include it in the script. And he did, he listened to me! The episode ended up safely in the movie, not on the floor of the editing room, which I’m unspeakably glad.”

Leonardo DiCaprio was so enticed by the scene and the prospect of enacting it with his co-star Jennifer Garner that he begged the director to include it in the project. The script of this film was super intriguing, and it had its effect on DiCaprio, who was adamant about performing this steamy scene with Garner.

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