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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Sheldon & Amy’s Relationship

Big Bang Theory fans have shipped Amy and Sheldon from day one. But there are many plotholes and inconsistencies about the couple's relationship.

Amy and Sheldon have one of the longest and most complicated relationships on The Big Bang Theory. After getting set up on a blind date because of Raj and Howard, the two formed a long-lasting friendship before taking things to a romantic level.

After five+ years together, a breakup, an engagement, a wedding, and a Nobel Prize, Sheldon and Amy have been through it all. They have a meaningful and insightful relationship that transcends others on the sitcom landscape. However, some fans aren’t convinced of their romance and found too many inconsistencies or red flags to fully support it.

Whistle In Case Of Emergencies

Big Bang Theory cameo on Young Sheldon

In one episode, Sheldon is showing off his safety backpack to his friends. Inside is everything a man might need while using the bathroom in a different place, including a safety whistle. Amy told Penny and Leonard that she’s the one who bought Sheldon the whistle but that appears to have been debunked in an episode of Young Sheldon.

In the spin-off, Sheldon is showing the contents of his bag to Paige and Missy. Along with earplugs and Wet-Naps, Sheldon also had a whistle to blow in case he was lost. This proves that Amy was not the giver of this whistle.

Can Sheldon Dance Or Not?

sheldon and amy dancing - the big bang theory

When Penny, Amy, and Bernadette have a girls’ night out in season 4, Sheldon hesitantly tags along. After having a few drinks, the ladies ask Sheldon if he knows how to dance. He goes on to say that just like everything else in his life, he’s a great dancer and knew multiple old-school dances. Sheldon and Amy are later seen doing the waltz.

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However, in episodes prior, Sheldon told Penny he doesn’t dance and that he doesn’t like dancing. It’s not like Sheldon would lie about being a good dancer to be “cool” in front of his friends because he doesn’t typically care how others perceive him. Did he dance well to impress Amy or was he a low-key good dancer all along?

Did Sheldon Know Amy Like He Thought He Did?

In “The Justice League Recombination,” the gang was getting ready for Stuart’s New Year’s Eve costume contest. As usual, they dressed up as the Justice League but needed a Wonder Woman. Sheldon told Penny that she had to be Wonder Woman because Amy didn’t enjoy dressing up. She wasn’t the “free spirit” like he and Penny were.

However, Sheldon’s words couldn’t have been true. Viewers have seen Amy dress up as a witch from Harry Potter, in a Star Trek outfit while playing “doctor” with Sheldon, and as a schoolgirl — much to Sheldon’s disinterest. She even forced him to do a couples costume with her for Halloween in later years.

When Did Shamy Start Again?

Amy and Stuart out on a date at the movies

To be fair, Sheldon and Amy were an item before they even realized they were an item. They started out as friends after meeting in the third season but started hanging out more in the fourth season. They didn’t officially start dating until season 5 when Sheldon asked her to be his girlfriend at the movie theater.

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However, by the end of season 7 and beginning of season 8, it was said that the two were only together for three years. But in reality, they were an item for far longer.

Were They Really Each Other’s First Kiss?

Sheldon Amy first kiss

It’s alluded that Sheldon and Amy were each other’s first kiss, but how could that be possible? When Amy first met Sheldon, she told him she went on one date a year as part of a deal she made with her mother. Surely those dates ended in a goodbye kiss?

Amy also affirmed in “The Santa Simulation” that she once kissed a diabetic who needed insulin after their liplock. Likewise, Beverly Hofstadter kissed Sheldon after she had too much to drink one night, and even though he didn’t initiate it, it still counts.

If Sheldon Already Had The Ring, Why Didn’t He Propose?

Sheldon proposes to Amy in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon doesn’t do anything without thinking it through backwards and forwards (hence his need for contracts). For him to have his mother’s family engagement ring in his desk meant that he was thinking about proposing to Amy for quite some time and that he was ready.

But when Amy needed a break from him because she wasn’t sure how serious he was about their relationship, he didn’t say a word about the ring. Nor did he propose to show her just how serious he was. Instead, he followed her around and tried making her jealous, which only annoyed her even more.

Sheldon Liked Amy More Than She Realized

Mayim Bilaik and Jim Parsons

It’s a long-running gag that Amy was more into Sheldon than he was into her. She wanted a title on their relationship, she wanted to sleep together, she wanted to show him off to her family… He didn’t reciprocate those same needs.

But if fans look back on their time together, Sheldon was the driving force for all of their big moments. Sheldon asked Amy to be his girlfriend, he’s the one who said “I love you” first, he’s the one who initiated holding her hand in public, and he’s the one who proposed to her. Sheldon was very much into Amy; he just did things in his own time.

Was Amy Patient Or Just Desperate?

big bang theory Hofstadters wedding gift to sheldon amy

When Amy broke up with Sheldon, she told him that she had been patient for years but never reaped the rewards of their relationship. She felt overshadowed and overlooked by him.

Many fans were annoyed that Amy hung on to Sheldon for as long as she did. They thought that for someone as strong and as educated as Amy, surely she wouldn’t have stuck around with a man who only viewed her as a friend for so many years. They saw her as desperate for attention instead of “in love” with Sheldon.

Amy Was Once The Female Sheldon

Sheldon and Amy first meeting in TBBT

When Sheldon first met Amy, she was the female version of him. She spoke in a robotic tone, showed no emotion, and made no attempts at human connection. Everyone despised Amy because it was like having two Sheldons around. But as time went on, Amy transformed into a “normal” woman who had the same hopes and dreams as Penny and Bernadette. What changed?

Sheldon Knew Nothing About Amy

Sheldon's assistant Alex talks to Leonard at Caltech in The Big Bang Theory

In the episode “Tangible Affection Proof,” it’s Valentine’s Day and Sheldon felt forced to buy Amy something special. However, he doesn’t know what to get. Instead, he has his assistant Alex buy something on his behalf. He handed Alex $2,000 and told her that Amy liked the color grey and monkeys… that’s it.

After knowing Amy for three years at this point, all he knew was that she liked two things. Alex did nothing with his information and learned more about her from her Facebook profile. It’s sad that after being with Amy for three years, all Sheldon knew about her was that she liked monkeys.

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