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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Episodes To Rewatch If You Miss Wil Wheaton

From Sheldon's enemy to one of his few friends, Wil Wheaton was a welcomed addition to The Big Bang Theory, and his episodes hilarious to rewatch.

Actor Wil Wheaton has portrayed a darker and more comical version of himself in several seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Wil is best known for his role as Wesley Crusher in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation. He is also a tech aficionado. This makes him similar to Sheldon, Leonard, and their friends

Wil is initially introduced in the series as an antagonist keen on upsetting Sheldon before going on to become good friends with the main character. He has appeared in 17 episodes in total. Since the show has ended, there will be no more Wil. But if you want to relive his best moments, these are the 10 best episodes of the CBS sitcom to rewatch.

The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary

Sheldon and Wil on The Big Bang Theory

Wil first appears in the fifth episode of Season 3. In the episode, he participates in the Mystic Warlords of Ka’a tournament with Stuart, going against Sheldon and Raj. Sheldon has joined the tournament because he wants to confront Wil about failing to show up at an event years ago. Sheldon who was 15 at the time, had hoped to see Wil but he went to another event instead.

During the tournament, the intelligent Sheldon almost emerges victorious but Wil destabilizes his emotions by lying to him that his grandmother has just died. Sheldon loses focus, and Wil prevails. Sheldon is pissed off when realizes it was all a lie.

The Indecision Amalgamation

The Indecision Amalgamation

Penny’s acting career has always failed to take off, so, in the nineteenth episode of Season 7, she and Leonard meet with Wil in order to get some career advice. This also marks the first time that Wil doesn’t bump into Sheldon.

Wil warns Penny against taking jobs that she isn’t excited about, explaining that he has some roles he isn’t proud of. While remembering his bad roles, he gets depressed. Feeling helpless, Penny decides to take on a role in the movie Serial Ape-ist 2 only to discover that Wil is in it too and he’ll be playing her boyfriend.

The 21-Second Excitation

The 21-Second Excitation

Season 4’s eighth episode, sees Wil getting on Sheldon’s nerves once again. While Sheldon and his pals are waiting in line to enter the theater, the arrogant Wil shows up and just walks in, thanks to his celebrity status. Sheldon and his pals thus miss the only seats that were left.

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Angry, Sheldon goes on to steal the movie print from the projection booth, arguing that if he can’t watch it, no one else will. Wil catches him stealing and so he rallies the crowd at the theater hall to go after him.

The Russian Rocket Reaction

The Russian Rocket Reaction

Sheldon and Wil are on good terms in the fifth episode of Season 5. Wil holds a party at his house and invites Leonard and Sheldon. At the party, he gifts Sheldon a signed Wesley Crusher toy and apologizes for taking so long to give it to him, since it’s something he had always wanted.

Sheldon forgives him and to everyone’s surprise, he gives him a hug. Sheldon’s moment of joy is ruined when the other Star Trek star Brent Spiner appears and unboxes the action figure. This angers Sheldon who announces that Spiner has taken over from Wil as his new foe.

The Celebration Experimentation

The gang celebrates Sheldon's birthday in The Big Bang Theory

What makes the seventeenth episode of Season 9 great is that Sheldon and Wil finally admit that they actually like each other. After all those moments where they pissed each other off, Wil confesses that Sheldon has made his life more interesting.

In the episode, Wil attends Sheldon’s birthday party where he showers him with praises. He says that even though they only met because Sheldon was a fan of Star Trek, he has respects him very much. Sheldon is flattered. The rest of his friends go on to shower him with praises too.

The Habitation Configuration

The Habitation Configuration episode - Wil Wheaton and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

There is a hidden Star Trek reference in the seventh episode of Season 6. Viewers finally get to see the front side of Wil’s home. The door number is 1701. This is a direct reference to Wil’s time on Star Trek: The Next Generation where the USS Enterprise’s registry number was NCC-1701-D.

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While filming an episode of “Sheldon Cooper Presents Fun With Flags,” Wil becomes unreasonable, resulting in a major argument. Sheldon takes Wil’s side, a move which pisses of Amy. Later on, Sheldon gets drunk and goes back to Wil’s house to defend Amy and forces him to apologize.

The Opening Night Excitation

Wil Wheaton arrives at the The Force Awakens premiere in a Star Trek costume

In the eleventh episode of Season 9, Sheldon gives Wil his Star Wars movie tickets after he opts against watching it and decides to spend the night with Amy since it’s her birthday. Wil dons a Mr. Spock costume and goes to the cinema, angering Star Wars fans because he appeared in the rival franchise Star Trek. 

As expected, Wil enjoys the backlash. When someone shouts at him that Star Trek stinks, he tells him to “Live long and suck it.” That’s classic Wil Wheaton. This is definitely one of his most hilarious performances in the sitcom.

The Proton Regeneration

The Proton Regeneration

After missing out entirely in Season 10, Wil returns in the sixth episode of Season 11. Sheldon visits him to request Patrick Stewart’s address so that he can be his acting coach. Sheldon is eager to get the main role in the Professor Proton reboot. Sadly, Wil refuses to help and slams the door in his face.

Sheldon later discovers that Wil has actually gotten the role. He rallies his friends to call in during the show and express their displeasure at the casting. This way, they’ll be able to get the show canceled. This doesn’t work so Sheldon confronts Wil and asks him to exit the show. Wil refuses and they become enemies again.

The Bow Tie Asymmetry

Will Wheaton and Mark Hamill in The Big Bang Theory

Wil finally gets to meet Star Wars star Mark Hamil in the finale of Season 11. Wil thought they were rivals all along but Mark breaks his heart by informing him that he doesn’t know who he is. More woes go Wil’s way when Mark replaces him as the man mean to officiate the “Shamy Wedding.”

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During the ceremony, Mark has trouble doing things right so Wil stands up and offers to take over. Keen fans might note that Wil also happens to be attending the wedding with his real-life wife Anne Prince.

The D & D Vortex English

Sheldon Amy and Will Wheaton on Will's TV show big bang theory

Wil only has a single appearance in Season 12. It’s also the last time he appears in the sitcom. He shows up in the sixteenth episode of the season. In it, Sheldon and Amy appear in Wil’s Professor Proton show but Sheldon gets too excited and opts for complicated ways to explain things. This angers Wil.

Sheldon later goes to Wil’s house to apologize and overhears a Dungeons & Dragons game being played inside. He gets excited once again but Wil refuses to let him in. To make it worse, Wil goes ahead and invites Sheldon’s friends to the game, making him even more jealous.

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