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“We kissed a whole lot”: Jennifer Garner Went Through Tins of Breath Mints to ‘Slobber all over’ Leonardo DiCaprio in $352M Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Catch Me If You Can is still one of the most loved films from the Titanic actor’s acting career. The 48-year-old actor is still very remembered for playing the character of Frank Abagnale a con artist. 

Leonardo Di Caprio at an event
Leonardo Di Caprio at an event

The crime drama movie had other big names as well like Tom Hanks, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Walken, and Martin Sheen. Catch Me If You Can arrive on the big screens on 25 December 2005. When the Titanic actor and the Elektra actress were seen doing steamy scenes in the movie, many fans loved their chemistry.

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Jennifer Garner recalled kissing Leonardo DiCaprio was uncomfortable 

Jennifer Garner and Leonardo DiCaprio
Jennifer Garner and Leonardo DiCaprio

Even though Jennifer Garner wasn’t new to kissing a co-star on camera still she was uncomfortable when was doing a kiss scene with Leonardo DiCaprio. For the Alias actress, the kiss might have been a bit awkward but she also describes her kiss with the Inception actor as magical. While talking about her steamy scene with DiCaprio, the actress said,

“It was magical. We kissed a whole lot. It was only uncomfortable for the first couple of minutes. Then you’re just going for it, slobbering all over each other and saying, ‘Oh, you have something in your teeth.’ I went through a couple of tins of breath mints.”

When the Shutter Island actor was asked about his experience while he was working with Garner the actor was full of praise for his co-star. DiCaprio said, “Jennifer was very nice.” The Don’t Look Up actor also mentioned that he thought the Yes Day actress was perfect to play the character of Cheryl Ann. 

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Leonardo DiCaprio explained how Steven Spielberg made changes in the Go Fish scene 

Steven Spielberg at an event
Steven Spielberg at an event

When DiCaprio and Garner were in the moment performing the scene, in the first few takes Steven Spielberg didn’t get what he expected from the scene. It wasn’t just the 51-year-old actress who was nervous in the scene, the director of the movie felt a wave of stress because of the steamy scene. While talking about how the 76-year-old actor made changes to the scene, the Blood Diamond actor said,




“After all, at first something did not work out for us, the episode ‘did not work’ as it should. I remember Steven got a little nervous, pulled a cigar twice, and then just sat there for five minutes looking up. He was thinking about how to improve the episode. A little thought, he said: ‘We change everything!’. He completely turned the scene. Changed the hotel room, our lines… Added a moment where Jennifer throws playing cards at me.” 

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