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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Of The Saddest Things About Stuart

There were few characters on the Big Bang Theory that had a more depressing life than Stuart. Here are 10 of the saddest things about him.

Stuart Bloom is the owner of the local comic book store that the gang visits weekly in The Big Bang Theory. Due to Stuart’s lack of business and the familiar faces of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj, the five of them became friends. Stuart enjoyed hanging out with their group and always assumed he was part of their legion of friends. However, it slowly became clear to Stuart that he wasn’t always invited to their game nights or dinners. Was their friendship as authentic as Stuart thought?

It wasn’t just Stuart’s relationship with the gang that gave Stuart a sad storyline, it was everything else in his life. Stuart was constantly climbing an uphill battle against life and didn’t seem to catch a break until the final series of the show. Why was everyone so against Stuart?

He’s Always Down On His Luck

Stuart standing in the middle of his burned down comic book store in The Big Bang Theory.

Was Stuart ever having a good day? Stuart’s”good days” weren’t even considered good. Throughout his time on the show, he had troubles with finances, his business, women, friendships, family matters… it never seemed to end for Stuart.

While everyone else had a subtle glow-up over the years, Stuart was constantly in the gutter. It was hard for him to see everyone else doing so well in their lives while he was struggling.

Single 4L

Amy and Stuart out on a date at the movies

Before Stuart met Denise, he was in a string of odd relationships (if one can even call them relationships). He had the confidence to ask out Penny but that relationship got weird when she called him Leonard while they were making out.

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He even asked Amy out on a date but she left the date in a relationship with Sheldon (which wasn’t how they started the date). Stuart was also dating a woman he met at Comic-Con, but he never liked her. He just didn’t want to be alone. It wasn’t until the final two seasons where Stuart finally met his match with Denise, but it was a long road before her.

His Slew Of Health Issues

Stuart and Raj are prepared for Bernadette and Rajs baby on the Big Bang theory

Over the years Stuart would drop a hint that he was suffering health-wise. It wasn’t just his mental health that was depleting, it was his physical health as well. At Howard’s bachelor party, Stuart said he had the “bone density of an 80-year-old man”. He also said he lacked a healthy complexion because of his lack of nutrition and that he can’t see at night.

In one episode, Bernadette needed Stuart’s help and offered to refill any prescriptions he may need for anxiety or depression and he took her up on that offer while showing her a box of pill bottles.

He Used To Live In His Store

Stuart Talking To Raj In Comic Book Store On The Big Bang Theory

Stuart was so financially broke that he used to live in his comic book store. It was the only roof he had over his head that had heat and a place to lie down. This meant Stuart lived, ate, and worked in the same building, which didn’t allow him to have much of a social life outside of the store.

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The comic book store was all Stuart had. He eventually started crashing on people’s couches while he saved up enough money for a new apartment. Bernadette and Howard were the most accomodating to Stuart because he doubled as a home-healthcare worker for Mrs. Wolowitz and a baby sitter for their children.

Who Are His True Friends?

Stuart and Sheldon have brunch with friends on The Big Bang Theory

It’s easy to say that Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj were Stuart’s friends but that’s not the case. Just as they added Penny, Bernadette, and Amy to the group, why couldn’t they pull up a chair for Stuart for their weekly dinners? Stuart needed friendship and food more than anyone and yet they kept forgetting about him.

The gang would call Stuart their friend but left him out of their scavenger hunt (which took place at the comic book store), their holiday traditions, and who can forget when Sheldon served brunch to Stuart as a “trial run” for the real thing with his real friends.

He Accepts Invites Over Just To Shower

stuart showering at sheldons house bbt

With Sheldon living in the comic book store for most of the series, it’s revealed that he rarely has a place to shower or even cook food. He often visits the local soup kitchen and tries to shower at friends’ homes when he visits.

In one episode, he took the opportunity to shower at Sheldon’s when Sheldon tried creating a new friend group. It’s heartbreaking knowing that Stuart doesn’t have basic amenities that all of his friends take for granted.

Stuart’s Therapist

Stuart sitting on a chair at his comic book store

With Stuart constantly being down on his luck, he did the responsible thing in going to therapy to work on himself. With a failing business and living a lonely life, Stuart just needed somebody who would listen to him.

But in one episode, Stuart told Sheldon that he can no longer go to therapy because his therapist killed himself. In the note that the therapist left behind was a note blaming Stuart. That had to have been on Stuarts conscious over the years.

His Dark Thoughts

stuart on valentines day - tbbt

Stuart had plenty of demons that he didn’t talk about. He tried making his shortcomings humorous but they were quite upsetting if the show didn’t add the laugh track.

In “The Tangible Affection Proof,” Stuart was excited when Raj organized a Valentine’s Day party at the comic book store for those without dates. Stuart was all for the idea because it was better than his “suicidal feelings” he’d have otherwise. Knowing how dark Stuart’s life was, it’s shocking his “friends” didn’t give more attention and care to him.

Lack Of Confidence

Stuart and raj sitting in the mall trying to meet women in the Big Bang theory

Another devastating thing about Stuart was his lack of confidence. When he was first introduced in the second season, he had far more confidence than he did in later seasons. He was so confident and smooth in season two that he had the ability to ask out Penny; and she said yes!

Things looked different for Stuart in later years. In one episode, he and Raj attempted to gain confidence by going to the mall to pick up women but the only person they ended up talking to was the security guard.

The Death Of Mrs. Wolowitz

Howard and Bernadette talk with Stuart in their living room

Out of everyone in the series (before Denise), the only person who treated Stuart like a loving human being was Mrs. Wolowitz. She gave him food, shelter, and constant companionship. She worried about him and let him know that she was always there for him. Her maternal ways made all the difference for Stuart and truly saved him.

This is why it was a shock to the heart when she passed away. What was Stuart to do without her?

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