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The Big Bang Theory: Howard’s 10 Most Emotional Quotes, Ranked

Howard Wolowitz started The Big Bang Theory as a crass wannabe womanizer. But the future dad had some tender moments on the sitcom worth remembering.

Howard Wolowitz is a man of passion. When he does something on The Big Bang Theory, he goes all out. He has nothing to lose. This was the only way he would have the confidence to do anything in life. It’s how he met his wife, got to space, and was able to work for the US Military. The only thing he does without a full effort is housework — but Bernie already knows that.

It’s because of Howard’s passion that he can get emotional from time to time. His earnestness tends to catch people off-guard because he’s typically crass and sarcastic. However, this softer side looks good on Howard. It makes him more relatable.

“Oh, Raj. I Love You Too.”

howard and raj make up - the big bang theory

Things between Howard and Raj were still shaky after their apologies. It took some time before they were back on track. The nicest thing Howard could have done for Raj was to show up to his planetarium show and support him from afar.

Raj introduced Howard to the crowd and praised him for his engineering background and for what he’s accomplished in space. Howard reciprocated the compliments by talking about Raj’s incredible career and how much he meant to him. They too told each other they loved each other in an emotional moment in front of everyone (much to Bernadette’s confusion).

“I Want You To Know I’m Done Being Scared.”

howards scared about becoming a dad - tbbt

It’s not known if Howard and Bernadette were trying to get pregnant or if it just happened, but Howard was shocked nonetheless. He hugged Bernadette in excitement when he found out but he quickly spiraled.

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He began thinking about money and the idea of him raising a child. He panicked and ran to his friends. By the end of the night, he came around to the idea and apologized to Bernadette for freaking out. He was done being scared and ready to be a dad.

“I Guess The Sad Truth Is, Not Everyone Will Accomplish Something Great. Some Of Us May Just Have To Find Meaning In The Little Moments That Make Up Life.”

howard talking about life - tbbt

When the gang cleans out a professor’s office after he died suddenly, they all realize how precious life is. Their work is important but it’s meaningless if they don’t contribute to science.

They found a bottle of unopened champagne that appeared to be important to the late professor but he was never able to drink it. The group decided to drink the champagne together to honor the late professor’s memory when they had their next breakthrough.

“Hey, I’m A Big Boy. I’m Not Traumatized From Some Random Comment From Some Random Woman. Get Over Yourself.”

penny apologizes to howard - tbbt

Howard was quite the wannabe-womanizer before he fell in love with Bernadette. He hit on Penny many times but she was never interested. In one episode, Penny had enough of Howard’s sexist remarks and told him off. Her words deeply affected Howard and he sulked at home for days.

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Penny eventually felt bad for hurting Howard’s feelings and apologized to him but Howard wasn’t sold. He put on a brave face as if he wasn’t hurt by her but he most definitely was. As harsh a lesson as this was, it was one Howard definitely needed to learn.

“Thank You For Blaming Me For Everything That’s Wrong In Your Life. Thank You For Walking Out On Our Friendship!”

Howard and Raj fight at Haleys bday on TBBT

After Howard has his daughter, his relationship with Raj began to deteriorate. Raj realized how much Howard degraded him, used him, and didn’t appreciate him, and needed a break from the relationship. Howard found the “break up” to be comical and didn’t take Raj seriously.

Sadly, Raj was serious (and he made valid points). Howard took advantage of Raj’s kindness far too often. However, Howard didn’t see it from Raj’s perspective at first. He saw the argument as Raj blaming him for all of his shortcomings.

“Until I Met You, I Couldn’t Imagine Spending My Life With Just One Person. And Now I Can’t Imagine Spending One Day Of It Without You.”

howards wedding vows - tbbt

Howard and Bernadette were the first ones in the friend group to get married. Their wedding was even more emotional because it was rushed due to Howard leaving early for a space mission. Between the two of them, Howard is the emotional one. Bernadette is far stronger and feisty.

At the wedding, Bernadette’s vows were “short and sweet” but Howard’s were endearing. He was once a man with a wandering eye who never wanted to settle down. But he was now a husband to a beautiful and smart woman.

“He Abandoned Me And My Mother. Why Does He Deserve A Chance To Explain Anything?”

howards letter from his dad - tbbt

Howard has a high dose of daddy issues. It’s not known if he and his dad were close when the latter was living at home but Howard lost contact with him as soon as he abandoned Howard and his mother. Howard became the man of the house far too young and was given the responsibility of taking care of his mother. After all, it wasn’t just Howard who was disappointed in his father; his mother lost her husband without an explanation.

When Sheldon read a letter addressed to Howard from Howard’s dad, it brought up a lot of dark memories for Howard.

“She Broke Up With Him And She’s Basically Been Alone Ever Since.”

howard talking to sheldon - tbbt

When Sheldon tags along on Howard’s trip to Texas, they decide to surprise Sheldon’s mom. As Sheldon peeked through his mother’s window, he saw her having relations with a man. Sheldon was disturbed and fled the scene immediately. Luckily for Sheldon, he had Howard there. Howard could have made the situation worse with his humor but he instead told him a comparable story that happened to him.

Howard told Sheldon he too walked in on his mother one time. But after Howard told his mother how distraught it made him, his mother never dated again. That kind of pain was hard for Howard to accept and he regretted it. He didn’t want Sheldon to make the same mistake.

“It’s Not Just Food. It’s The Last Food My Mother Ever Made.”

howards power goes out - tbbt

After Howard’s mother died, he and Bernadette moved into her house. It took a while before they renovated it and made it their own but it was the right decision for both of them.

While Stuart was home alone, he told Howard and Bernadette that the power went out. Howard was out of sorts as he realized all of the remaining food his mother made was about to thaw in the freezer. Bernadette didn’t see what the fuss was about but Howard reminded her it was the last food his mother ever made. The only way to save it all was to have the last supper of sorts with his friends.

“I Didn’t Know I Was Capable Of Loving Someone So Much.”

howard loves being a dad - tbbt

By the final season, Howard and Bernadette were the proud parents of two children. Michael came faster than the couple anticipated but they handled parenthood in stride. As much as Howard loved his firstborn, Halley, seeing Michael next to her was more than he could bear. He never knew he could love something so much. It was then that Howard truly came full circle and grew as a man, husband, and father.

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