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The Big Bang Theory: 5 Times Sheldon Was A Huge Freeloader (& 5 He Was Super Generous)

Sheldon Cooper often treated his friends like hired help on The Big Bang Theory. But the genius had a few moments of pure generosity on the sitcom.

Sheldon Cooper isn’t the easiest person to get along with. His high IQ makes him incredibly bright but he’s very particular when it comes to his surroundings, what he eats, and his day-to-day schedule. What’s worse is how annoying he can be when he doesn’t get his way, which makes the lives of those around him difficult. The only reason why his friends put up with his childish behavior is because the Big Bang Theory character literally doesn’t know he’s being maddening.

But Sheldon isn’t always selfish and eccentric. He also has moments of pure emotion and generosity. They tend to come out of nowhere, which gives his loved ones hope that he’s changing for the better.

Freeloader: He Gets Driven Everywhere

Leonard Drives Sheldon TBBT

Sheldon hates driving and refused (for a long time) to get his license. When he first met Leonard as a potential roommate, he asked him if he was able to drive him to work every morning since he too worked at Caltech. Leonard obliged but didn’t realize he’d be doing it for 10+ years. After some time, Leonard got tired of driving Sheldon everywhere when he needed to run errands.

When Leonard was busy, Sheldon deferred to Penny, Amy, Howard, or Raj. This became a long-running gag in the series but was very annoying to the characters.

Generous: He Offers Money To Penny

Sheldon offers Penny money on TBBT

Penny was down on her luck more often than not. Her acting career didn’t pan out the way she had hoped and she couldn’t pay her bills most months. When her electricity was cut off, Penny was in a real pickle. Adorably, Sheldon went to his secret stash where he took out a wad of cash and handed it to Penny.

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He told her to take as much as she needed because he knew she would pay him back. He had the money and was happy to help her. No one could have expected Sheldon to be so giving. Instead of taking advantage of him, Penny actually paid Sheldon back when she had the money.

Freeloader: He Gets Free Haircuts From Penny

penny gives sheldon a hair cut - tbbt

Sheldon doesn’t get close to many people. He has a small group of friends whom he trusts and needs by his side, and that’s all he needs. When life throws curveballs his way, it’s very hard for him to adapt.

When his hairdresser became ill and couldn’t cut Sheldon’s hair anymore, he went through a wave of emotions. Luckily for him, Penny said she used to cut hair and could easily give Sheldon’s hair a trim. Penny soon became his official hairstylist. While it was no skin off her back to help Sheldon, it was another thing that Sheldon demanded of his friends (just like driving him everywhere).

Generous: His Wedding Gift For Leonard & Penny


It’s always shocking when Sheldon gives a gift to his friends without being forced to. It proved how much Sheldon was changing for the better and how much he cared for his friends to do it on his own.

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When Leonard and Penny eloped in Las Vegas, Sheldon surprised them both with a wedding gift. Penny and Leonard were elated. The gift was a weekend away in San Francisco. Penny was so excited for a weekend getaway with Leonard but the mood diminished a bit when Sheldon told them he was tagging along with them… Nevertheless, it was a thoughtful gesture.

Freeloader: He Got His Driver’s Permit By Complaining


No, it’s not selfish that Sheldon got his driver’s license. What’s insanely obnoxious about Sheldon is that he complains about so many things that he ends up getting his way because no one wants to deal with him.

In the case of his driver’s permit, he refused to answer some of the test’s questions because he didn’t think they were properly executed. The woman at the DMV was so irritated by Sheldon’s questions that she gave him his driver’s permit just so he would walk away from her. It’s just another way Sheldon uses his — at times — annoying personality to get what he wants.

Generous: He Created A Scholarship Fund For Halley

Howard and Bernadette read about the halley wolowitzs college fund on the big bang theor

In the ninth season, Sheldon, Howard, Leonard, and Raj were gearing up for an invention that could make a big difference in science. Before going forward with their partnership, Sheldon created a work contract for everyone to agree to and sign. Howard and Bernadette made some changes to the contract, but so did Sheldon.

At the bottom of the contract was a new clause. Sheldon was to set aside a percentage of his earnings to a college fund for the first child or Bernadette and Howard Wolowitz. This meant that he would make a contribution to Halley’s education, which was one of the nicest things Sheldon had ever done.

Freeloader: Takes Credit For Something That He Didn’t Create

Leonard And Sheldon Physics Science White Board Big Bang Theory

As much as Sheldon may deny it, he has taken credit for things that weren’t always his doing. In one strong instance, Leonard thought of an incredible idea but couldn’t do the math without Sheldon. As Leonard slept, Sheldon wrote a paper to go along with Leonard’s paper, which they published the following morning. However, when the theory took off, Sheldon was interviewed by a magazine, and he took full credit. They asked him if he was the lead scientist on the paper and he didn’t deny it. He essentially threw Leonard under the bus and acted as if he thought of the idea.

Generous: He Offers Everyone A Hot Beverage

Sheldon delivers a warm beverage - TBBT

It doesn’t matter if it’s a loved one or stranger, friend or enemy, Sheldon offers anyone in his household a hot beverage when they’re feeling down. He won’t let anyone sit in his spot but he will make them feel better when they’re sad. He was raised to offer everyone a warm beverage when they’re feeling down in the dumps. If they’re feeling upset, Sheldon serves tea. If a person is a guest in his home and is sad, he serves hot cocoa. If someone is angry, he gives them hot apple cider. If they’re “drunk as a skunk,” the only hot beverage acceptable is coffee. Sheldon has also been known to also serve chicken broth and chai tea.

Freeloader: He Expects His Mom To Do Everything

Mary Cooper in the living room with Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory

There comes a point in everyone’s lives when it’s no longer acceptable to take things from their parents. Sheldon is an almost middle-aged man who pays for his own bills and has a full-time job. He no longer needs his mother to do things for him. However, he takes advantage of Mary’s kindness and makes her do things for him that aren’t necessary.

In one episode, Mary came to visit Sheldon and hopefully get a tour of Los Angeles. Sheldon, however, was in no mood to give his mother a tour. He wanted her to stay at home and make him fried chicken. When she refused to cook and demanded to go out and try sushi, Sheldon acted like a child.

Generous: His Gifts

Amy in a tiara on The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon can be as selfish as they come, but when it comes time to gift those he loves, he makes sure it’s special. He gifted Amy a tiara when he had to apologize (a gift Amy treasured and adored); he printed out a brain scan of his brain that showed different parts lit up when he thought of Amy; he gave Penny a boatload of bath good gift baskets for Christmas; he even got Amy a talking photo frame! Sheldon hates gift-giving but when he does, he sure is good at it.

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