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Watch: “Grandpa Got Some Punches Harder Than 99.9%”: Boxing Fans Left in Awe of 75-Year-Old Showing Off His Boxing Skills

As the years pass, the unforgiving nature of time inevitably takes its toll on even the most formidable fighters in the world of boxing. The impact of age on boxing cannot be overstated, as aging warriors encounter an array of physical and mental hurdles that can significantly diminish their prowess inside the ring. The physical demands of boxing are staggering, as the sport requires immense strength, speed, and endurance. As fighters age, their bodies undergo a natural process of deterioration, leading to reduced muscle mass, diminished reflexes, and slower recovery times.

Even legendary boxers like Muhammad Ali saw a decline in his speed and footwork as he entered his mid-30s. Furthermore, the risk of injuries also increases along with age. Issues like joint pain, arthritis, and muscle strains also start propping up, hindering even the mightiest of fighters. However, one fighter broke the norm and even became the oldest heavyweight champion- George Foreman. And his destructive power still remains now, as a while ago, the video of him punching a heavy bag surfaced. He claimed, “Power doesn’t age.”

These words fit the old Australian fighter in the video shared by Boxing Kingdom on X. In the post captioned, “75-Year-old Australian fighter showing insane skills!”, the old man showed extraordinary power and speed for a 75 years old. Even though he reached such an age, he is still able to punch much better than a lot of young guys. His technique still appeared surprisingly fresh for such an age, leaving fans awestruck.


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Fans’ reaction to the video of the old man channeling his inner George Foreman

As the video appeared on social media, fans were left impressed at the skill displayed by the old man in a similar manner to George Foreman. Many shared their admiration for his skills.

One such fan, MSG(R) E.C.Miles expressed a future aspiration, stating, “Yeah! This is what I’d like to be able to do in 20 years!”


Another fan, Greenwood shared a personal experience with another retired pro boxer. He wrote, “I did some catching for a ex pro boxer long retired. Even at an old age they hit twice as hard as a younger man with little training. Terrific for 75”.


Meanwhile, Bruce Oldham expressed his admiration for the man. Unable to contain his excitement, he wrote, “Yeses!! Respect for that man there. Age is but a number. Strength and discipline remain constant. Very inspiring.”


Another witty observer Ѵ ¡llʌ ɨN humorously compared the older boxer’s skills to Rolly Romero. He sarcastically remarked, “Still better than Rolly”.


Moreover, mofitness1130 acknowledged the strength behind his punches. He quipped, “Grandpa got some punches harder than 99.9% of the online trolls these days.”

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