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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Times Penny Said Everything We Were Thinking

On a sitcom about a bunch of geniuses, Penny is the voice of the audience on The Big Bang Theory. Fans love how she's never afraid to speak her mind.

Penny is one of the most honest characters on The Big Bang Theory. Her confusion with everyday conversations that go on in her group of scientist friends is similar to that of the viewer. Not only is Penny’s husband a very intelligent man but so are her best friends. Because of everyone’s high IQs, Penny is often thinking out loud and questioning her own life.

Among Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Amy, Bernadette, and Penny, Penny is the most relatable for viewers. She acts as the average person in a sea of geniuses. And thankfully, Penny says everything the viewers are thinking.

Duh, Leonard!

stupid pop tart - tbbt - leonard and penny

When Penny realizes that her acting career is going nowhere and that the only consistent thing in her life was Leonard, Leonard was confused. He wasn’t sure where Penny’s tantrum was going but it was very obvious to viewers. Penny was having an epiphany. She was ready to move on to the next chapter in her life, and that chapter was Leonard.

Leonard was confused and didn’t appreciate being called a “safe” decision. He wanted to be Penny’s Pop-Tart or her Cinnabon; he didn’t want to be a dried-up cereal that was good for her colon. To shut him up, Penny said the obvious: she wanted him! She didn’t need fame and fortune as long as she had Leonard in her life.

She’s Not Wrong

penny doesnt know how to spell leonards name - tbbt

In a flashback of Penny, she drunkenly asks herself how to spell Leonard’s last name: Hofstadter. Hofstadter does have a unique spelling that can be difficult for some people.

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Openly admitting that she didn’t know how to spell her boyfriend’s name is refreshing for fans who also couldn’t spell it. Sadly, that’s not the only thing Penny didn’t know about her future husband. She also forgot when his birthday was…

Sheldon Is The Purest Character

sheldons assistant

The reason why Penny’s one-liners are so brilliant is because they’re exactly what the viewers are thinking. Sheldon is one of the least sexual characters on the show. Before meeting Amy, many assumed he was asexual. He didn’t have the same desires or dreams that his friends or colleagues did. His first love was science and that seemed fine by him.

But when he hired an assistant named Alex, Amy was upset that Alex was a brilliant and attractive young woman. Penny reminded her that she had nothing to worry about because, in Sheldon’s eyes, he probably didn’t even realize that Alex was a woman.

One Bad Day Doesn’t Make A Bad Life

penny eating whipped cream - tbbt

When the guys have a bad day in The Big Bang Theory, they go to the comic book store and sulk. Penny, on the other hand, has a more relatable way of unwinding: junk food, tears, and wine. In “The Tangerine Factor,” Penny found out that her boyfriend wrote about their bedroom activity on his blog.

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She was infuriated and embarrassed that people were reading about such a private part of her life. The only way for her to cope was to squirt whipped cream directly into her mouth while being dramatic — a feeling viewers connected to all too well.

Perfectly Put, Penny


When Penny teaches Sheldon how to act and transport himself into the life of someone else, she acts as Spock and he acts as his mother, Mary Cooper. However, the exercise went south when Sheldon took the script too literally and began bawling at the idea of leaving his mother’s care. The only thing Penny could do at that moment was to call Mrs. Cooper and apologize for “breaking” her son. Penny handled that situation as well as she could. When in doubt, call his mama.

Penny Needed A Drinking Buddy

dont talk just drink - penny to leonard - tbbt

Penny is no stranger to drinking alone when she’s stressed out or sad but it’s always more enjoyable for her if she has Amy, Bernadette, or even Leonard there with her. After a long and miserable day, Leonard came to comfort Penny in her time of need. But she wasn’t looking for his consoling words; she was looking for a drinking buddy. After all, words don’t always make the situation better but unwinding with a glass of wine makes all the difference for Penny.

Read The Room, Leonard

penny telling leonard she loved him for the first time - tbbt

Penny is a complicated woman who finds it hard to express herself sometimes. Being in love with a guy like Leonard is scary for Penny because the stakes were high if they broke up. The couple didn’t have much in common and were best friends before they were dating. If they broke up, things could get awkward in the friend group.

Nevertheless, Penny has always loved Leonard in her own way but never made it known to him. Eventually, it became clear to the viewers that Penny loved Leonard but he didn’t realize it. Viewers rejoiced when she finally said the obvious.

You’re Not Alone, Penny

penny talking to sheldon - tbbt

Penny is not alone in the fact that she doesn’t always understand Sheldon. Heck, she hardly understands her own husband. As crazy as it is for her to admit, she is best friends with a group of geniuses and is often confused by the things they talk about. Likewise, it’s hard for the viewers to understand the science jargon Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, and Howard spit out in every episode but the jokes are so incredible that it’s hard to turn away.

“You dog!”

sheldon talking to penny about sex - the big bang theory

It was a huge transition for the group of friends — and for the viewers — to get used to Sheldon being a sexual being after finally sleeping with Amy. Nothing changed in Sheldon’s day-to-day life after he became sexually active but it definitely opened up a new area of conversation.

In one scene, Penny makes a joke about Sheldon’s sex life with Amy but Sheldon surprised her by saying he’s slept with Amy more than 10 times. Just as viewers’ jaws were on the floor, Penny said what we were all thinking: “You dog!”

Shamy Vs. Lenny

penny and amy talking about relationships - tbbt

It’s hilarious that Amy thought Penny and Leonard were one of the weirdest couples she knew because her relationship with Sheldon was one of the most eccentric romances in sitcom history. “Really? You can’t think of anyone weirder?” was Penny’s way of saying “Look in the mirror, Amy.”

Amy and Sheldon’s relationship ran on a relationship agreement and it took years before they were able to commit to each other in the normal sense of the word. Luckily, Sheldon and Amy pulled through and got married but they’re still one of the weirder couples in the show — in a good way.

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