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“Bro Called Him Crazy”: Resurfaced Video of Muhammad Ali’s Reaction to a Fan Imitating Him Has Once Again Won Fans’ Hearts

Muhammad Ali was a legendary boxing icon who revolutionized the sport through his charisma, innovative techniques, and unparalleled confidence. His impact on the sport can still be traced today, shaping it into the global spectacle it is today. His iconic matches, like the “Rumble in the Jungle” and the “Thrilla in Manila” showcased his strategic prowess and helped him carve an almost untouchable legacy in the sport. Moreover, his bold social and political stands outside the ring also resonated with generations, making him a symbol of civil rights and social justice.

However, even ‘the Greatest’ couldn’t escape from years of punishment he received at the hands of some of the mightiest fighters in the world. He was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson’s, a source of dismay for fans all around the world. Though by then his influence was already too huge. He had become a role model in the hearts of fans worldwide. One such fan, Carroll Sample once approached him in this iconic video. In the video, the man introduced himself, “Mr. Muhammad Ali, how you doing? My name’s Carroll Sample, I’m a former boxer in Richmond, and I’ve been watching you fight for ever since I was a little bitty boy.” 

As the late boxer, playfully shadow-boxed, the fan claimed that he can “do impressions of you real good.” He then performed iconic Ali lines- “Joe’s gonna come out smokin’, I ain’t gonna be jokin’, I’ll be pickin’ and a pokin’, pourin’ water on his smokin’, this may shock and amaze ya, but I will destroy Joe Frazier.” Soon Ali’s entourage started to take him away as they laughed at the imitation. Ali even jokingly motioned and suggested that the man is crazy. The interaction ended with Ali shaking Sample’s hands.

Muhammad Ali mesmerizes fans in the recently resurfaced video

As the video of the wholesome interaction appeared on Instagram, fans were mesmerized by the elegance of the late boxing legend. One fan theshape1978_  expressed his admiration for the boxer. He pointed out, “The way Ali smiles at the end. The man was pure class.” Another fan, Djuraev Islam added, “He was so humble boxer I have ever seen.”

Meanwhile, David Priester commented on the influence of Ali which had spread far and wide. He wrote, “The greatest in and out of the ring! He touched so many people in this world. Those who met him, and those who just watched him from a far.” prince__.xx, added, “He suffered from parkinson still he threw punch all time i saw the video where tyson was doing leg moment infront of ali when ali was so weak still he threw jab from his right hand.”

dimitris_demertzis claimed, “He said too much without saying a single word.” Another fan, Beybladeshopcafe couldn’t stop laughing at Ali motioning to call the fan crazy. He chuckled, “Bro called him crazy.” This is not the first time Ali’s video has managed to send ripples across the internet. Earlier this year, his shadow-boxing had left fans feeling nostalgic.

In essence, this rediscovered video encapsulates Muhammad Ali’s enduring charm, humility, and indomitable spirit. His legacy continues to thrive, with each interaction and gesture leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to witness his greatness.

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