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Serena Williams’ Former Coach Stands by Megan Rapinoe as a Hater Feels Her Wrath -’Would You Say That to Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe?’

Being one of the top 10 all-time goals leaders for her country, Megan Rapinoe has often been lauded by the entire soccer community in the United States. With two World Cups and an Olympic gold medal in her bag, the American soccer legend has undoubtedly helped her nation to carve out a remarkable legacy in such prestigious tournaments. However, despite all this, the 38-year-old forward has now become a target of backlash from her many American fans due to a missed penalty in the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Melbourne.

The OL Reign player, who missed the decisive penalty kick against Sweden, handed her country their earliest exit ever at the FIFA World Cup. Notably, the former Ballon d’Or Feminin winner has now become the main villain for many in the sporting community, at the moment. Amidst such an adverse phase, it is Serena Williams‘ former coach, Rennae Stubbs who has now come forward to the soccer star’s defense on social media.

Serena Williams’ former coach backs Megan Rapinoe as she becomes a target of scrutiny

Despite all the criticism, the Sports Columnist, Nancy Armour recently showcased her support and admiration for the American soccer legend on Twitter. However, the comment section of her Tweet was flooded with negative and disparaging remarks from a number of fans who aired their frustrations over Megan Rapinoe’s missed penalty kick.

Being a part of the LGBTQ community herself, the OL Reign star has always fought for their rights and beliefs. Notably, one of the fans accused the 38-year-old player of using her platform to “shove” her views on the audience. The fan further commented, “For me it ruined any appreciation and enjoyment I may have had from watching her success on the field.”

Taking note of the same, the Australian tennis coach, Rennae Stubbs was quick to react as she fired back at her hater. She said, “Embarrassing take. Just embarrassing. Would you say that to Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King, Arthur Ashe and so many others that stood for what they believed in!?”

The 52-year-old coach reminded the fan about other legendary figures in the sporting community who have also used their limelight to advocate their ideas and beliefs on various issues like women’s rights, racial discrimination, and others.

Unlike Stubbs, another prominent star in the tennis circuit recently joined the others in criticizing the soccer star on social media.

Nick Kyrgios recently lambasted Rapinoe with his blunt take

The renowned broadcaster, Piers Morgan, recently added fuel to Rapinoe’s fire by surfacing an old, contentious video of her on Twitter. In that video clip, the NWSL star was sighted signing a young fan’s soccer ball during the ESPYS Awards in Los Angeles. However, it was Rapinoe’s manner of doing so that later sparked controversy, as she signed an autograph without making eye contact with the fan.

Taking note of the same, the British broadcaster called it a “Diabolical arrogance” as he lashed out at the former Ballon d’Or winner. Even the Aussie tennis star, Nick Kyrgios, was quick to join in with his criticism of the soccer legend as he candidly ‘agreed’ with his blunt take on Twitter.

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