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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Episodes To Rewatch If You Miss Stuart

He may not have been one of the main characters on The Big Bang Theory, but Stuart Bloom did help contribute to some hilarious and iconic episodes.

Initially, The Big Bang Theory was a show centered around a group of scientists and comic book geeks. However, like many other shows, the writers decided to expand out and include other characters – one of the most prominent of those is Stuart. Stuart Bloom is one of the most adorable characters of the show. He’s sweet, kind-hearted, and most of all, completely selfless.

He’s also been through a lot in the show. After taking Penny out on two dates, Stuart managed to become an integral part of the group. He went on to help Howard and Bernie with their new-born child, formed a strong bond with fellow pal for Raj, and got himself a happy ending after meeting Denise. Fans may not realize it but Stuart played an important part in the show’s comic relief. Just look at these examples…

The Hofstadter Isotope

In season 2 episode 20, viewers were introduced to comic book owner Stuart for the very first time. The episode begins with the guys convincing Penny to go to the comic book store with them in search of a present for her nephew. Whilst there, Penny meets Stuart and the two somewhat hit it off.

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Amazed by his drawing skills, Penny agrees to go on a date with Stuart. Was the date the most romantic night of their lives? Probably not, but they had a good time, and it introduced us to the kind-hearted character in a great way. Even though he would never end up with Penny, fans still enjoyed the pair’s night out.

The Toast Derivation

In what was one of his next impactful episodes, all the way in season 4, Sheldon realizes he is not the center of his friend group and decides to replace them. This leads to an awkward party-ish thing where Leonard, Raj, and Howard are replaced by Zack, Kripke, and Stuart.

The night started off slow, and Sheldon dominated, but after he leaves, things start to get more interesting and hilarious. As in the final scene, the viewers walk-in on Zack, Kripke, and Stuart, who happen to be wrapped in a towel, screaming their lungs off to a karaoke machine, singing “Walking on Sunshine.” What a great moment.

The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition

Amy and Sheldon with Stuart Comic Book Store

In another episode where Stuart steals a girl away from the guys is when he is introduced to Amy. Just like with Penny, Stuart manages to agree on a date with Amy, much to Sheldon’s discretion. After all, Amy was one of the only girls that didn’t mind being in Stuart’s company.

However, on the date, Stuart is once more interrupted but by Sheldon, who attempts to win Amy back. Unfortunately for Stuart, he loses out again as Sheldon officially asking Amy to be his girlfriend. Nevertheless, Stuart remains nice to both of them, proving just how kind he really is.

The Bakersfield Expedition

Here, Stuart only has a very minor role in the episode, but it’s quite a funny scene. While the boys go on their Comic-Con expedition, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette realize that they have never even read a single comic book. So, in a way to prove how weird it is that the guys are so obsessed with reading old comics, they decide to go to the comic book store to try it out themselves.

It’s here fans meet Stuart again, who hilariously explains to the girls which superheroes are plain good guys, which are anti-heroes, which comic books he would recommend, and most importantly, that Thor is extremely hot. And it was thanks to his advice, that the girls ended up spending their evening eating Chinese food and arguing about Thor’s hammer.

The Hesitation Ramification

After Howard left for space in season 6, Stuart and Raj became closer as friends after the two bonded over their mutual loneliness and lack of love-life. So in an attempt to fix it, they decided to go together to the mall. However, this goes completely wrong.

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After plenty of unsuccessful attempts, Stuart even suggests talking to some mannequins, but Raj refuses and insists he will talk to the girl who walks past next. Unfortunately, no one does, and the two are left alone in a closing mall. But, in a glimmer of hope at the end, they have a great conversation with the security guard, a silver lining perhaps?

The Status Quo Combustion

Poor Stuart has a tough time in The Big Bang Theory. He’s alone for much of it, has financial struggles, and it gets much worse when in season 7, his comic book store sets fire. After the damage is assessed, Stuart is left without a home and an income after the accident, but thankfully for him, Howard offers up an unusual job offer and a place to stay.

The job involves looking after Howard’s mother, Mrs. Wolowitz, which happens to be a dream job for him. In fact, by the end of the first day, Howard’s mom is already calling him “Stewie” and Stuart is calling her “Debbie”. Although slightly weird for Howard, the job did put a big smile on Stuart’s face.

The Prom Equivalency

Stairwell in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment in The Big Bang Theory.

Seeing as Penny is the only one who experienced a proper prom, the gang decide to have their own version of the dance on the roof of their apartment building. Stuart is invited, probably for the first time, which leads to Howard worrying he’s going to bring his mother as his date. Thankfully, his mother wasn’t the date, but it didn’t mean the night wasn’t awkward for Howard.

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That’s because Stuart brings Howard’s cousin Jeanie, who just so happens to be the girl Howard lost his virginity to. The episode is great and filled with some really moving movements with all the couples, and Stuart’s minor role gives us some perfect comedic relief.

The Maternal Combustion

It’s fair to say that Bernadette was an incredibly hard-working mother in the season, especially since Howard would barely help her out. Finally, it comes to a point, where she’s had enough and forces the guys, who are acting like teenagers, to start cleaning. In the episode, Howard, Raj, and Stuart are left cleaning up the kitchen from top to bottom.

After some cleaning, Howard accidentally drops the garbage all over the floor leaving a huge sticky mess and forcing them to clean for even longer, much to Bernie’s amusement. But, in what was a great final moment, the boys are seen cleaning the floor singing along to “It’s a Hard-Knock Life” from the musical Annie as the episode ends.

The Perspiration Implementation

In season 9, while the other guys are busy fencing in the university gym, Stuart invites the girls over to the comic book store as he tries to reach out more to the female audience. In an attempt to do this, Stuart includes more female orientated comics, introduces triangles at the end of the toilet paper, and even includes a brand new breastfeeding area.

But worst of all, he adds security camera’s to make sure no one is acting creepy around them, which obviously has the exact opposite effect making as it makes Stuart seem incredibly creepy and weird. Finally, Stuart and the girls admit the real problem is Stuart himself, and it leads to an emotional confession about his loneliness. Poor Stuart just wants to be with someone.

The Bow Tie Asymmetry

In the final episode of season 11, Amy and Sheldon are getting married. The bride and groom are getting ready, Luke Skywalker is en route, while the rest of the gang are busy making sure everything goes to plan, especially with their parents. And then there’s Stuart, who is invited but needs a date.

After being rejected by co-worker Denise, thanks to the news that Mark Hamil is going to officiate, she changes her mind and goes to the wedding with him. Then, thanks to his incredible knowledge of Star Wars, he manages to impress her so much that they end up making out after the wedding. Hopefully, Stuart finally found his long-awaited soulmate.

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