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While Saying Everyone Compares Legends Like Muhammad Ali & Sugar Ray Leonard to Him, Floyd Mayweather Makes Bold Claims About His Legacy

Floyd Mayweather, a name that rings with boxing excellence, continues to obsess his fans. So, recently he gave an interview with In the interview, Floyd Mayweather gave his opinion about his legacy and made blatant claims about where he stands in the sport. Furthermore, he laid emphasis on how he is frequently compared with boxing legends like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard

Additionally, Mayweather also discussed his recent exhibition fights, and his views on the recent Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence fight. But, what stood out for the fans was Mayweather’s cognizance of his legacy and his influence on the boxing industry. Moreover, his statements reflect a deep understanding of his impact on boxing and confidence in his merit. But what exactly did he say?

What bold proclamation did Floyd Mayweather make?

Mayweather’s legacy has often been the subject of debate and discussion, and that’s what happened in the interview as well. In the interview, he tackled the comparisons between him and past boxing legends.  He said, “Notice this, you got Muhammad Ali, you know who they compare them to? Floyd Mayweather, you got Sugar Ray Leonard, you got every time it’s a fighter from the past, from the present or a fighter that’s going to be in the future, they’re going to keep comparing them to Floyd Mayweather.”

Moreover, these aren’t just words as they reflect Mayweather’s view of his place in boxing history. He further added saying, “…if they keep comparing all these fighters from back in the day all the way to now, they keep comparing these fighters to me, it has to say something about me. I don’t have to come on record and say I’m TBE, I don’t have to come on record and say oh I did this, I did that, when it was my time, I did what I had to do.”

Indeed, Mayweather’s influence continues, even in retirement. He is active in exhibition matches, and his talks of a rematch with John Gotti’s grandson are underway. Further, his views about the recent fight between Bud and Spence are a testament to his continued engagement in the sport. No wonder his reach transcends beyond the ring.

Undoubtedly, Floyd Mayweather’s bold claims about his legacy speak volumes. Moreover, they prove his achievements and his understanding of boxing. And indeed, his parallels to legends like Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard aren’t baseless for they reflect his impact on boxing. As he continues to shape the sport’s future, his words resonate with fans and fighters.

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