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Before Mike Tyson Lost His $400 Million Empire, Dana White Reveals How Boxing Legend Used to Treat “Underprivileged Kids”

In the latest episode of Hotboxin’, with UFC president Dana White by his side, Mike Tyson spoke about the “wealthy people” he met when he was “younger”. As per Tyson, these people were so generous that they would pretty much give away “all they got.” At this point, Dana White interjected and declared that Tyson lived “the same f***ing way” and showed concern for people in need. Doing so, the UFC president revealed that Tyson would buy everyone at this particular gym brand-new cars.

As per Tyson, who lost $400 million, one should be generous “When you have money and somebody doesn’t.” For this, however, Dana White saw eye to eye with ‘Kid Dynamite’. And immediately, he spoke about the Golden Gloves gym, where White, Tyson, and some “underprivileged kids” would come to work out. Amid these talks, the UFC president also revealed how Tyson treated some of these “underprivileged kids” who helped Mike train for a fight.

Dana White recounts generous Mike Tyson buying members of Gloden Gloves gym cars after mega fights

According to Dana White, Tyson has always been generous and looks forward to helping people in need. In this connection, he spoke about the Golden Gloves gym, which was owned by a person named Hal Miller. As White remembers, “He [Tyson] would come, they would clean the gym out. Everybody had to leave.” “But it was a Golden Gloves gym for underprivileged kids. Mike kept that place afloat. Hal Miller is the guy who ran it,” White added. Along these lines, White mentioned that after a big fight at the MGM, Tyson would gift the members cars.

So, Mike would fight at MGM or whatever. And you would come back to the gym after the Tyson fight, and there were brand new f***ing cars everywhere in the parking lot. Mike bought everybody a car. Everybody that was involved in the fight had a brand-new f***ing car,” White recounted. Undoubtedly, when the UFC president spoke these words, DJ Whoo Kid expressed astonishment. However, Tyson thanked his friend White for mentioning the Golden Gloves gym and the story.

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