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The Big Bang Theory: Worst Thing About Each Main Character

Although many fans loved the characters on The Big Bang Theory, they would admit they weren't always perfect. They also had a flaw or two.

The main characters of The Big Bang Theory were part of fans’ weekday nights as they would eagerly watch what would unfold next, whether it was about Sheldon and Amy’s differences, Howard and Bernadette’s lighthearted lifestyle, or Penny and Leonard’s rollercoaster relationship.

While the love stories among the characters played a significant role throughout the show, the characters also had other conundrums they got into and had to solve. Their personalities, in general, were of the good-hearted, comical friends that made their entire friend group wholesome. However, those personalities definitely had some traits that viewers, and the characters themselves, didn’t always agree with.

Sheldon Is Ignorant

Aside from his obvious arrogance, viewers should also consider what caused that trait in him, which is his ignorance. Sheldon’s entire ignorant persona is what causes a lot of arguments with not just Amy, but also with the whole group.

The finale episode did, in fact, show how much Sheldon grew as a person when he publicly apologized to the whole friend group while receiving the Nobel Prize. This was a big move on his part because he admitted his faults and proved how he became a better friend to them all. However, throughout all the show’s seasons, Sheldon’s ignorance towards everyone else’s feelings played a huge part in the differences between the characters.

Amy Was Too Generous

While Amy fans may disagree with this, viewers have said that this lovable and determined woman had one thing that caused her problems, and that was her vast generosity. Amy, as both a lover and a friend, would give so much of herself away to help others in several different ways.

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When looking at her relationship with Sheldon, Amy chose to give a lot of her patience and time away for his benefit. Also, when her friendship with Penny started to blossom, she gave her gifts as a token of her sisterly love. Even though viewers argue that Amy was capable of stepping back and putting herself first (like she did when she broke up with Sheldon), there were countless times when this intelligent character was way too generous with her time, patience, money, and emotions.

Penny Was Afraid Of Being Alone

Penny in a pink suit

Penny is a fan favorite because of Kaley Cuoco’s comedic timing and witty comments. However, her main problematic trait is that she (apparently) couldn’t stay single for that long.

Having several ex-boyfriends, including Zack, showed that Penny couldn’t necessarily stay single comfortably for that long. When she separated from Leonard the first time, she almost immediately got back together with Zack because she “didn’t want to be alone.” It seemed that Penny had some deep insecurities about her personal life that she tried to fill with her romances. What was disappointing was the fact that the writers didn’t really delve into this.

Leonard Was Fixated On Having A Family

The undying sweetness of Leonard’s character went a long way with fans. Alas, the one issue with his entire character is that he was very fixated on getting married and having a family one day. While there is nothing wrong with having that dream, it still was a roadblock in his and Penny’s relationship.

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Leonard constantly seemed like he wanted a woman to grow a family with, which showed in his desire to bear a child somehow. However, it would always be argued that this was, in part, because of the bad parenting his mother was responsible for. Nevertheless, his fixation did irritate fans, especially as Leonard’s desire placed an extreme amount of pressure on his partners.

Howard Was Extremely Lazy

Howard Wolowitz had one personality problem, and that was his laziness. Since his mother would cater to his every whim, Howard was seen to be extremely idle. He would either have his mother prepare his breakfast or do his laundry.

After they were married, household chores were then transferred and normally left up to Bernadette. When the microbiologist attempted to break this cycle by asking him to clean up the house, the fans either see him complain or ignore her requests. Although he improved a lot after the birth of their children, it was still an extremely annoying quality.

Bernadette Was Too Maternal

Bernadette with a baby monitor on TBBT

Although the brilliant mind of Bernadette was always exemplified, it was a serious shocker to see her fall into the stereotypical role of a maternal figure. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a mother, some fans couldn’t help but notice how she was constantly falling into the expected role as a mother, not only to her and Howard’s child but also in general as a girlfriend, a wife, and as a friend too.

Audiences saw Bernadette’s tough-as-nails persona whenever she would tell Howard to do something, or when she would stand up for herself. Still, her general character kept finding herself as the one doing household chores, bearing children, and just holistically taking care of everything. It would have been nice to have seen her get more independent storylines that didn’t involve these stereotypes.

Raj Became A Womanizer

Raj smiling and tilting his head softly in The Big Bang Theory.

Although Raj started out as a reticent and sweet man, he transformed into someone that switched between girls almost too easily, especially between Emily and Claire.

The second that Claire showed signs of affection to Raj, he left Emily frighteningly quickly and switched between then both of them as if they were nothing other than trading cards. This was probably the worst thing that fans saw Raj do as he usually treated people with the utmost respect. This objectification of the women around him is what ultimately caused him to have failed relationships. He wasn’t mature enough to hold his own place with a partner yet, and that was clear when he kept switching out girls.

Stuart Was Way Too Aloof

While the show started to focus on him and his personal life, Stuart had problematic character traits just like all the others. Although his character arc became clear in the end, as he got into a relationship and improved his friendship with the entire gang, his personality was usually very aloof to what was happening.

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A prime example of this was when he lived with Howard and Bernadette. Stuart was seen in his own bubble when he didn’t catch the hint that he had to move out of the house. The number of times they hinted at it, one would definitely be able to see that they overstayed their welcome.

Beverly (Leonard’s Mom) Was Heartless

This is an obvious issue with Ms. Hofstadter. Leonard’s childhood was corrupt from Beverly’s psychoanalytical lifestyle. She completely extracted any and all emotions from poor Leonard’s development, which resulted in his trauma as an adult.

It was because of Beverly’s consistent psychoanalytic mind-frame that caused a rift between her and her own son. Viewers didn’t have any issue whatsoever identifying what her problem was. As a person in general, she truly knew how to influence an entire room, and turn it into an awkward and even depressed environment.

Mary (Sheldon’s Mom) Underestimated People

This widely-beloved female character of the show was hilarious and knew how to light up the room with her strong Texas demeanor, and religious radiance. The show undoubtedly used her Christian beliefs and stereotypical Southern attitude as a comedic tool, but her actual problem was in her non-religious opinions.

Whenever Mary would visit her son, Sheldon, she had moments when she would underestimate him for just how far he would go in certain situations. For example, the episode when she returned and Sheldon had a bunch of adorable kittens in his room serves as a prime instance when she didn’t believe how her son could ever stray from his usual persona. This was actually an issue with her because she believed Sheldon’s actions were mostly premeditated. However, she seemed to underestimate her son because she failed to recognize that he was growing up and constantly changing.

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