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Big Bang Theory Star Explains Why Sheldon & Amy’s Relationship Works

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik explains why despite their struggles, Sheldon and Amy's romantic relationship on the sitcom worked very well.

Here’s why Sheldon and Amy’s relationship works on The Big Bang Theory according to Mayim Bialik. The actress only joined the CBS sitcom as a series regular at the start of season 4, but her character immediately became an integral part of the show due to her relationship with the socially-inept genius. After a few years of dating, they eventually got married and won the Novel Prize in Physics before the series wrapped up in 2019.

Sheldon and Amy’s introduction was unorthodox, especially during that time where online dating still wasn’t a thing. Howard and Raj entered their friend’s information on a scientific-based online dating site which resulted in a match with Amy in The Big Bang Theory season 3, episode 23 titled “The Lunar Excitation.” While Sheldon was initially skeptical of meeting her, he ultimately agreed and had a great time once he realized how similar he was with his future wife. The pair didn’t start dating right away, but it was obvious from the get-go that they’re meant for each other. Following several attempts to downplay their romantic attraction, they ultimately started dating.

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While Sheldon and Amy’s relationship was not without any issues, it’s a fan-favorite, Viewers were invested in their story just as they were with Leonard and Penny’s which were The Big Bang Theory‘s main love line. Almost two years after the sitcom ended, Bialik looks back at her character’s romance and gives a solid reason why it quickly resonated with a lot of people in a new interview with People TV’s Couch Surfing:

“I think Jim and I both didn’t know where this relationship would go. There was a lot to us not being a sexually active couple but still being romantically and intimately interconnected in so many ways. I would say it’s probably the longest-running nonsexual relationship on television, at least that I know of.”

Amy and Sheldon giving speech at Nobel Ceremony

Proof of people’s continued interest in Sheldon and Amy’s relationship is the latter’s recent cameo on Young Sheldon. During the season 4 premiere titled “Graduation,” the narration by old Sheldon and provided by Jim Parsons revealed that his The Big Bang Theory character has a son with his wife named Leonard Cooper. While explaining that he really wanted to name his son Leonard Nimoy Cooper after the Star Trek actor, Amy’s voice can be heard in the background, chastising him. No word yet whether or not Bialik is due for more cameos on The Big Bang Theory; nevertheless, she and Parsons are currently working again together in the new sitcom Call Me Kat.

In hindsight, Bialik is right about her read on Sheldon and Amy’s romance on The Big Bang Theory. While not being intimate for years frustrated her character as she felt like they couldn’t get their relationship to the next level, it allowed them to find other ways to connect with each other. Eventually, they did have coitus, and fortunately for her, she didn’t have to wait until after they got married for it. But while fans were so excited once it became clear that Sheldon is finally ready to be physical with his then-girlfriend, it’s the lead-up and the aftermath to it that made it more memorable.

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