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“Death on Impact if Mike Hits You With That” – Fans Caution Dana White After His Dangerous Gift to Mike Tyson Goes Viral

Dana White has a gift for Tyson – and it’s not what you’d expect. UFC’s head honcho and Boxing legend Mike Tyson just sat down for an intriguing conversation at the boxing Hall-of-Famer’s podcast. During their discussion, the UFC President took his time to share opinions on the recent developments in combat sports.

What’s more – during the podcast, the 54-year-old UFC top gun also shared the lesser-known story of his modest origins before his UFC days. After the discussion concluded, White presented Tyson with memorabilia from his most recent venture – the Power Slap promotion. After a clip of the UFC President’s gift went viral, fans flocked in on social media with a myriad of reactions and opinions. The touching gesture of respect from one veteran to another definitely struck a chord with some fans. But what was White’s gift for the Boxing legend? Let’s find out!

An unexpected gesture from UFC President Dana White sparks frenzy

In the viral Instagram clip, viewers can witness the exchange between Dana White and ‘Kid Dynamite.’ The UFC head honcho humorously unveils his gift: a pair of Power Slap brass knuckles. This unexpected gift instantly prompted reactions from both White and Tyson, resulting in laughter and camaraderie.

Moreover, the UFC President jokingly remarked, “I got Mike Power Slap brass knuckles. Could you imagine – could you fu**ing imagine getting hit with that?”


In response, Tyson playfully chimed in, “Somebody’s going to get hit with it,” followed by shared laughter between the two. Tyson’s response to Dana White’s gift of Power Slap brass knuckles had fans in stitches.

Fan enthusiasm was palpable as they responded to the quirky present. As expected, netizens did not hold back in sharing their thoughts and feelings about the heartwarming moment. Here’s a glimpse of the diverse reactions that flooded social media:

One fan couldn’t help but marvel at Dana’s audacity, exclaiming, “Dana is a wild man!”

Likewise, emphasizing Tyson’s playful yet ominous tone, one fan humorously pointed out, “He was dead serious when he said ‘Somebody is going to get hit with it’”

Another enthusiastic supporter exclaimed, “Sign me up for that hit”

A netizen expressed amusement mixed with a touch of concern, saying, “Bro jus doomed us all!”

Moreover, another combat fan highlighted White’s reaction during the exchange, adding, “Dana scratching his chin very nervously”

One witty comment read, “Mike will send you straight to Spain without the ‘S’” – a nod to Tyson’s formidable reputation in the ring.

What’s more – drawing from the realm of anime and comics, a fan creatively referred to Mike Tyson as “The real-life One Punch Man.

Finally, a succinct comment amusingly summed up the sentiment, stating, “Death on impact if Mike hits you with that!!”

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