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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Scenes That Make Viewers Nervous Rewatching

The Big Bang Theory has so many great rewatchable moments... but these heartbreaking and cringeworthy ones aren't among them.

The Big Bang Theory wrapped in 2019 after 12 seasons and plenty of laughs. Viewers saw the conclusion of Sheldon and Amy’s run for a Nobel Prize, Leonard and Penny’s chance at parenthood, Raj’s fresh start without a partner, and Howard and Bernadette’s happily ever after.

Now when TBBT fans rewatch the series, they get to go through the emotions all over again. However, there are certain moments in the series that make fans nervous rewatching because they already know the outcome. The breakups, the tears, the fights, the deaths — fans know when it’s coming and it doesn’t make it any easier having already seen the series.

When Amy Breaks Up With Sheldon

Amy breaks up with Sheldon on TBBT

After five years of dating, Amy had finally had enough of Sheldon’s antics. To her, it seemed like he was never going to be ready to take the next step in their relationship. Would she ever have coitus or get married like she had envisioned? Fans who have already seen the series knew that Sheldon had an engagement ring on his desk and was just waiting for the right moment. But since Amy had no idea how serious Sheldon was, she ended it. Seeing Sheldon devastated and try to do life without Amy was painful to watch.

When Howard Went To Space

Howard going to space -TBBT

Even though fans knew that Howard traveled to space safely, it’s still nervewracking seeing him shoot up into outer space with men who bullied him. Howard isn’t the picture of health and had a few health concerns before being allowed to go up, but he made the excursion anyway.

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Seeing how nervous Howard was while in the rocket (and later, while in the space station) was worrying. And seeing his friends sit around the TV while watching the rocket proved how much they loved him. It was a soul-stirring scene.

Sheldon’s Drunken Speech

sheldon drunk in the big bang theory

One would assume that Sheldon would excel at public speaking, because is there something that Sheldon could be bad at? But when he won an award and needed to make a speech in order to accept the award, viewers learned that Sheldon wasn’t as perfect as he thought. The only way Sheldon felt comfortable speaking was by drinking some of Penny’s wine to calm down. But after far too many glasses, Sheldon became drunk.

It’s dreadful watching a drunken Sheldon stumble on stage while slurring his words. But it gets worse when he takes off his pants and shows the audience his behind.

Zack’s Idiocy

penny-and-zack-big bang theory

Does it get any more nerve-wracking than when Zack is on screen? As Penny’s ex-boyfriend, he pops up throughout the series spontaneously. He supposedly loved science and enjoyed talking to Leonard and Sheldon about what they were working on.

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As nice and innocent as Zack was, his idiocy at times was hard to ignore. Like Sheldon, he too didn’t always understand sarcasm and he’s often the butt of the joke without realizing it. He has some of the most awkward moments in the series.

Whether Sheldon And Amy Won The Nobel

sheldon and amy win a nobel - tbbt

On the day of Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, the theory they’ve been working on for months finally began to take shape. Their work was worthy of a Nobel Prize and fans had to wait patiently to find out if they did, indeed, take home the prize. But no matter how many times fans have seen the moment they find out they won the Nobel, it never gets old. It’s exhilarating and sentimental and everything in between.

When Howard’s Mother Died

A still of the moment Howard finds out his mom died while sitting with Bernadette on TBBT

What makes Mrs. Wolowitz’s death so emotional is knowing how close Howard was to her and the fact that the actress who portrayed Mrs. Wolowitz passed away in real life. The death is far deeper than the absence of a character. This was a beloved woman on the series whose voice can be heard around the world. She wouldn’t just be missed on the sitcom, she’d be missed in real life.

Fans know when Howard’s about to get the phone call about his mom and it’s emotional every time.

When Sheldon Sees Amy Kissing Another Man

amy kissing dave - the big bang theory

When Amy breaks up with Sheldon and begins to date other men, Penny and Leonard encourage Sheldon to go after her and win her back. He storms over to her apartment with the engagement ring in hand and sees her kissing a man outside. It’s at that moment that he gives up and retreats. It’s heartbreaking watching Sheldon realize he lost the love of his life due to his stubbornness.

“Never Have I Ever”

Leonard and Penny argue at the cabin in The Big Bang Theory

It’s hard not to get nervous watching the episode where Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and Amy go away to the woods for the weekend. Viewers know the “Never Have I Ever Game” was going to end badly but they can’t pull away from their screens. The game started out fine enough but ended in disaster when Penny found out that Leonard had a secret bank account. The two fought about money and Penny admitted that she hated her job. Amy and Sheldon were having a blast in the other room but viewers get nervous knowing where the night was going.

The Itchy Sweater

Leonard wearing the itchy red sweater and talking to Sheldon on The-Big-Bang-Theory

When Sheldon “uncovers” that Leonard never returned a Blockbuster DVD from seven years prior, he instructs Leonard to wear his old, itchy sweater until he returns the DVD to the right place. Leonard was confused why Sheldon was so calm about the mishap but it turned out that he already paid off the debts seven years ago and kept the DVD as a lesson for Leonard. It’s always anxious rewatching the episode knowing how irritated Leonard gets from the sweater but it’s too funny to skip.

Everyone’s Reaction To Human Resources

sheldon in human resources - tbbt

Some of the most cringe-worthy moments on The Big Bang Theory are when Sheldon and co. are instructed to visit the human resource department at Caltech. Janine Davis is such a professional and truly tries to make Caltech a better place but Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Leonard continue to mess up while knowing better. Some of the most worrisome moments are when Sheldon unknowingly drops racist and sexist remarks. It doesn’t get worse than that.

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