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The Big Bang Theory: Who’s On Sheldon’s Enemies List?

On The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon shows his commitment to anger, as he's kept a floppy disk of mortal enemies since he was a kid. Who made the cut?

In season 5 of The Big Bang Theory (“The Russian Rocket Reaction”), Amy finds out that Sheldon has a list of mortal enemies. According to him, he has had 61 mortal enemies in his life and keeps an organized list on a floppy disk that he’s had since he was a child. Talk about dedication.

Over the years, Sheldon has taken people off his list as well as added people who have provoked his ire. He has shared a few of the names that were on his list and the reasons why, which are equally as random as they are comical.

Wil Wheaton

The 21-Second Excitation

In 1995, Sheldon took a 10-hour bus ride to Mississippi for the Dixie Trek Convention. Sheldon loathed taking the bus on a long trip because he was forced to relieve himself on a moving vehicle. Nevertheless, he did it for the chance to meet Star Trek’s Wil Wheaton. However, Wheaton failed to show up to the convention, which prompted Sheldon to add him to his enemies list.

Years later, Sheldon took Wheaton off the list when they became friends. However, he added him back after he was cast as the new Professor Proton. But Sheldon ultimately took him off again when he realized he loved Wheaton’s performance in the role.

Billy Sparks

Billy Sparks

In “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary,” Sheldon says his childhood bully, Billy Sparks, is still on his enemies list for putting dog poop on the handlebars of his bike. Poor Sheldon most likely didn’t see the mess until after he already touched it.

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Funny enough, Billy Sparks’ name popped up on Sheldon’s list yet again in Young Sheldon. He was in Sheldon’s enemies database for throwing a chicken at him.

Brent Spiner

Brent Spiner on the big bang theory

When Sheldon and Wil Wheaton were working on their friendship, Wheaton invited Sheldon and co. to a house party of his where Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation) would be in attendance.

Sheldon was wary of going to the party but that all changed when Wheaton gave him a mint-condition collectible of his Star Trek character. But in the blink of an eye, Brent Spiner came over and opened the collectible, ruining its integrity. From that point on, Spiner was on Sheldon’s list.

Tam Nguyen

Tam and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

Tam was one of Sheldon’s dearest childhood friends, but when Sheldon left Texas for California, Tam didn’t follow him. Sheldon saw this as a grave betrayal of his trust and it scarred him. Tam was added to his enemies list shortly after.

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It wasn’t until the 12th season that Leonard and co. learned about Sheldon and Tam’s former friendship. Thankfully, Tam made a trip to California and sorted things out with Sheldon, erasing himself from Sheldon’s list.

Leslie Winkle

Leslie Winkle talking to Sheldon and Leonard at lunch on TBBT

Sheldon never specifically said that Leslie Winkle was on his enemies list but it would be shocking if she wasn’t. A rivalry between the two began in the first season when they shared different scientific views. Things became worse between them when Leslie began sleeping with Leonard but they came to a head when she joined the gang’s physics bowl team. The only reason why Leslie joined the team was because it was against Sheldon (whom she refers to as “dumbass”). The two appeared to be on civil grounds later in the series but they were never besties.

Georgie Cooper

Georgie Cooper and sheldon - the big bang theory

When Sheldon proposed to Amy, he had loose ends to tie up with his family before the big day. He was encouraged by his mother to make amends with his brother, Georgie, even though he didn’t want to because he was on Sheldon’s enemies list.

Georgie told the group that he made Sheldon’s list after peeing in his shampoo bottle. Similarly, in an episode of Young Sheldon, Georgie was on Sheldon’s enemies list for “passing wind” on his head.

Jim Henson

Sheldon laughing with Tam on TBBT

When Leonard, Raj, and Howard are trying to break into Sheldon’s enemy list, they see an unsuspecting name on the list: Jim Henson. Henson is the man behind The Muppets and left behind an incredible legacy. Sheldon, however, was less than impressed with the famed puppeteer. He loathed Henson particularly for creating Big Bird because it haunted him in his sleep.

Joel Schumacher

stuart talking to sheldon - tbbt

In “The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary,” Sheldon was filling Stuart in on his mortal enemy list and name-dropped an unsuspecting celebrity: Joel Schumacher. Schumacher was a director known for The Lost Boys, Falling Down, and many more. But it wasn’t those movies that Sheldon disliked; it was his work on Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. According to Sheldon, he “nearly destroyed the Batman movie franchise.”


Penny wants to sleep on Sheldon and Leonard's couch on TBBT

It took some time for Sheldon and Penny to become comfortable with each other. After all, neither of them have spent time with someone like the other. But trust was built and laughs were had and these two became best friends of sorts.

When Penny was informing Amy of Sheldon’s list of mortal enemies, Sheldon was eager to show Amy the list himself. Penny tried deterring Sheldon from doing such a thing, which reminded him that she used to be on the list. “You just got off the list, would you like back on it?” he asked Penny dryly. It’s safe to say that Penny stayed off the list once she and Leonard were married.

The Cafeteria Ladies

the Cafeteria in the big bang theory

Sheldon is a particular man with equally particular eating habits. The sitcom has shown the Caltech geniuses eating at the cafeteria in most episodes, and they almost always buy lunch there. Unsurprisingly, Sheldon had an issue with the cafeteria workers after they refused to tell him what was in the chili. By withholding information from him, he added the cafeteria workers to his list. However, he removed their names after they told him what was actually in it.

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