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Diamond Dallas Page reveals exactly how he would book Dominik Mysterio

After forgetting more about wrestling than most fans will remember, Diamond Dallas Page reveals exactly how he would book Dominik Mysterio.

Diamond Dallas Page has seen a lot in his professional wrestling career; he’s seen highs, like winning the WCW World Championship and being in Cody Rhodes’ corner for his early AEW matches; he’s seen lows like Ready to Rumble and his stalker character in WWE, and yet, through it all, he has become one of the true elder statesmen of the professional wrestling.

So naturally, when DDP makes a statement about how he would book an up-and-coming performer to really launch them to the moon, folks tend to listen, especially when the performer in question is none other than Dominik Mysterio, one of two champions in the Mysterio Family alongside his father Rey, who just won the United States Championship on SmackDown.

Sitting down for an expansive interview with Chris Van Vliet, Page explained what he would do if he was booking the younger Mysterio, and *spoiler alert* it wouldn’t involve a lot of losing.

“I said this six months ago or five months ago, I said that if I was booking, I would put Dominik over every time he went to the ring,” DDP said via Fightful. “Just because the heat is so amazing, the heat he’s got – you talk about a kid who’s been thrown in the middle of the fire, and I think he’s done an unbelievable job. Considering when he’s not on the road, he’s like what I did, going back to the Power Plant, he’s going back to the performance center.”

Asked about what it must be like to have to “fill the shoes” of his father Rey, Page rejected the premise, suggesting that he has to forge his own path in pro wrestling and is already well on his way to accomplishing that feat.

“I don’t think it’s about him filling the shoes [of Rey Mysterio], because Rey Mysterio is one,” DDP noted. “Like, there’s Dusty Rhodes, one. You could say Cody or Dustin have big shoes to fill, but no, they did their own thing. So I really don’t think that’s the case with [Dominik], but I think he can have a h*ll of a career as long as he takes care of his body, I think the kid is just going to get better and better. The heat that he has is crazy.”

Fortunately for DDP, his suggestion appears to be right on the money, as WWE has committed NXT to become the “Dominik Mysterio Hour” each week, with the North American Champion having already successfully defended his title on four occasions and counting as a result. While he’s too hot to leave The Judgment Day and RAW at the moment, giving Mysterio some extra run against less experienced talent can only lead to better things down the line.

Diamond Dallas Page reveals his wrestling Mount Rushmore.

Elsewhere in his conversation with Chris Van Vliet, Diamond Dallas Page was asked about his professional wrestling Mount Rushmore and delivered a group of performers that aren’t too surprising but should make fans of the sport proud.

“Oh, yeah, of course, gotta be Flair, you know?” DDP said via Wrestling News. “Gotta be Jake. You gotta have Dusty up there because it’s, you know, I just thought he was unbelievable. And I will put up five guys, put Hogan and Austin up there, you know? It was like those guys did a lot, just monstrous for the business. Austin was such and still is today. He could go back there tomorrow and be the most important guy in the company. And do s**t that he did with KO [Kevin Owens]. Outside the ring, stomping and bumping. He’s freakin Austin that’s [Austin still being a top 5 merchandise seller for WWE] why he has to be on that Mount Rushmore. When we were on the road together in the beginning, he won’t drive with many people. He’ll just do it…I remember going to Chattanooga when he lived here in Texas, and I don’t remember who I was driving with, but all I know is he just drove by me (DDP held up a middle finger to reenact what Austin was doing while driving by him).”

Alright, so Ric Flair, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Dusty Rhodes, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, all things considered, that’s a very good Mount Rushmore that hits across multiple eras, multiple companies, and multiple styles of in-ring action too. While DDP may be a tad biased, as he is and/or was friends with most of those performers, all things considered, few would knock that list save maybe for leaving off The Undertaker, but that one makes sense for obvious reasons.

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