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Frustrated Dana White Narrates Mike Tyson’s Most Disrespectful Moment While Revealing Strict Instructions to Joe Rogan

UFC head honcho Dana White has surely been verbose while expressing his thoughts on various incidents concerned with the realm of combat sports. As the President of the UFC, White wields a substantial influence over the world of combat sports and speaks his mind about different issues. Well, he yet again seemed to express his anger while sitting in an interview.

This time it was the legendary boxing bigwig Mike Tyson, about whom the UFC president spoke. Additionally, White raised a point that subsequently seemed to irritate him in the past, as a clip from the interview got highlighted in a tweet.

Dana White Expressed his anger considering Mike Tyson’s legendary bout.

On Twitter (X), under the page ‘Just the Fights’, a video clip reappeared. Dana White and Mike Tyson, two prominent figures, appeared in the clip. In fact, White appeared to emphasize Mike Tyson’s historic fight with Francois Botha in that clip. However, he also expressed his anger while mentioning that bout.

He said, “I will tell you guys something fascinating. So! basically the way that the UFC is built was based on Mike Tyson’s walk in the match to that BMX song when he was coming back from the Francois Botha fight. So me being a huge…, I hated the fu*kin commentary on HBO boxing, it made me sick.”

He further showed his anger by saying, “I used to literally watch HBO boxing in mute. Everybody’s buying the pay-per-view because you like Mike Tyson right. But for real boxing fans, Tyson walking in, in that Botha fight. The commentators are shit*ing on Mike. From the minute they start walking in until he steps into the ring. And I couldn’t fu*in stand those clowns.”


Well, it was clear from the video that Dana White didn’t enjoy the way the commentators in that match conducted their analysis. He claimed that because the commentary irritated him; instead preferred used to watch it on mute.

White also exposed how Joe Rogan and the company were told to deliver the comments during the production while criticizing the commentary.

He said, “So, when we started building the commentary for UFC, you don’t ever see the commentators sh*t on the fighters. (further describes the video as an example)” Making his intentions clear he shed light on how Joe Rogan and his team were advised to express their words while the entrance of numerous UFC fighters.

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