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“Look How Scared Mayweather Looks”: Forgotten Photo of Mike Tyson & Floyd Mayweather Together Draws Wild Fan Reactions

At the time of promoting Being Mike Tyson on Fox Sports, Mike Tyson identified Floyd Mayweather as a “glamorous, fly, and slick black fighter“. In sharp contrast with the adjectives Tyson attributed to ‘TBE’, the former Heavyweight champion called himself “savage, dark, and malevolent“. In his humble opinion, while Mayweather portrayed slickness, ‘Kid Dynamite’ stood as the metonymy for bruises and pain. “I was just never the fly [and] slick black fighter. I guess it was all about hurting and pain,” told Mike Tyson.

However, Tyson also addressed Mayweather as the last of the box-office stars in the sport. On being informed about Tyson’s words, Mayweather commended ‘Kid Dynamite’ and called the same a big gun who has paved the way for Mayweather “to be where I’m at“. While ‘TBE’ crowned Tyson with the title of legendary champion, he simultaneously pointed out his own unique style in the game. In an indirect reply to Tyson standing for pain as opposed to Mayweather’s slickness, ‘TBE’ announced, “What I made cool about boxing is not taking punishment“.

Both boxers have left indelible contributions to the sport. And given the difference in circumstances, it is unfair to draw a comparison between the two in boxing. Anyway, recently, an old photo of Tyson and Mayweather took boxing fans by storm on Facebook. In the photo, a young Mayweather is seen sitting on a sofa with one of his arms on Mike Tyson. Here is what the fans are saying:

To begin with, a fan said, “Look how scared Mayweather looks“.

According to one fan, Tyson, who is training Francis Ngannou, “is huge compared to him [Mayweather]”.

Meanwhile, one said, “Look how scared Mayweather looks“.

However, one felt, “Tyson should teach Floyd how to attack and even the technique for the knockout“.

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