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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Of The Funniest Scenes, According To Reddit

With 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory has tons of hilarious moments. Reddit users share their favorites featuring Sheldon, Penny, and the gang.

There were almost 280 episodes of The Big Bang Theory in the course of 12 seasons. Fans of the show have seen the characters transform from awkward introverts to confident and fun-loving friends taking the world by storm. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy have all learned from each other and changed into better people.

As a sitcom, The Big Bang Theory is full of hilarious one-liners, witty remarks, and sidesplitting scenes. No character is one-size-fits-all; they each brought something unique to the table and fans on Reddit have shared what they think are the show’s funniest scenes.

The Day Amy Gifted Penny The Iconic Painting

amy and penny picture - bbt

In “The Rothman Disintegration,” Amy wants to thank Penny for being her best friend and changing her life, so she presents her with a gift that reflects how much she cares about their friendship. Penny isn’t expecting anything and she’s blinded by the *generous* present Amy gives her: an oil painting of their friendship.

The painting is massive and a little freaky. Penny has no intention of ever hanging it on her wall but Amy does it for her! Seeing how much Amy loved the painting made everything even more awkward.

When Sheldon Tries Teaching Penny Physics

Penny wants to sleep on Sheldon and Leonard's couch on TBBT

In season 3’s “The Gorilla Experiment,” Penny wants to understand Leonard’s job and asks Sheldon for his help. She wanted to learn “a little physics,” but Sheldon couldn’t just teach her a little about his profession; he had to start from the top.

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Sheldon carves out a chunk of time to teach Penny physics’ history and what Leonard actually does for work. Penny hates every second of that lesson and still doesn’t understand her boyfriend’s job. But she is able to retain one chunk of information, which she rattles off during dinner in a hilarious moment, leaving Leonard speechless.

Amy’s Spanking

sheldon spanking amy - the big bang theory

In “The Fish Guts Displacement,” Amy cancels her date night with Sheldon because she’s feeling under the weather. But when Sheldon steps up to the plate and offers to take care of her, Amy loves the attention so much she doesn’t want to be healthy again and fakes being sick.

Unfortunately for her, Sheldon catches on to Amy’s lies and he feels like he had no choice but to punish her. He suggests spanking her while she’s on his lap and she happily accepts her “punishment.” Many fans found it hilarious to watch Amy enjoy her spanking.

Leonard Nimoy’s DNA

Leonard excited over Penny's gift on TBBT

Everyone loves a happy holiday episode and The Big Bang Theory delivered with “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis.” It’s Christmastime and Sheldon is burdened with buying Penny a gift for the holidays after learning that she got him something. Sheldon loathed buying gifts for other people but does it because it was the social convention.

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Sheldon ends up buying Penny a few different gift baskets from a bath and body store and plans to return the ones he didn’t give her. But this all changes when Penny gives him a napkin that was used and signed by Star Trek star, Leonard Nimoy. Fans loved how Sheldon reacted to having Nimoy’s DNA and having the ability to “grow” his own Nimoy when he wanted to.

Sheldon Vs. The Ball Pit

Sheldon inside the ball pit on TBBT

Sheldon has a minor meltdown in “The Einstein Approximation” when he tries to work on his superior-colliculus for a problem he has at work. All of his efforts were failing him and he goes to odd lengths to try and solve his problem.

In the middle of the night, Leonard gets a phone call claiming Sheldon broke into a playhouse and was diving in and out of the ball pit. When Leonard showed up to bring him home, Sheldon hid in the ball pit, saying “Bazinga” while darting in and out of ball piles. It was a hilarious moment for Sheldon — but not so much for Leonard.

Amy’s First Tiara

amys tiara - tbbt

When Amy’s paper is published in a scientific magazine, Sheldon doesn’t show an ounce of excitement or pride. He changes the subject so that the topic of conversation would be directed to himself. Penny and Leonard have to show Sheldon that what he did was wrong and that he should apologize.

Penny takes Sheldon to a jewelry store but they both know jewels won’t impress Amy. However, a tiara will. Amy is annoyed that Sheldon thought he could buy her off but when she gets her hands on her very own tiara, her mood quickly changes.

Howard After Training With NASA

Howard in space in The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory fans loved when Howard was in Texas training for his space mission. It was unlike anything he had ever done before and he isn’t necessarily in shape for it. He Skypes Bernadette every day to talk about his experiences and hilariously tells her that he “ate a butterfly” and that his “pee [was] like toothpaste.”

Sheldon & Kripke Play Basketball

TBBT Kripke

When a large office space opens up, Sheldon and Kripke battle for it. Since they were equally good at the same things, Leonard suggests battling each other in something they’re not good at: sports. The two men play basketball against each other in a horrible attempt at being athletic. Both men are unfamiliar with the sport and have no idea how to dribble or shoot a ball. The game goes on for far too long but fans loved every minute of it.

When The Guys Go Camping

the big bang theory - camping

In “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency,” Raj, Leonard, and Howard go camping to see a meteor shower. Howard gets bored and walks around the campsite to see if there were any attractive ladies nearby. When he comes back to camp, he doesn’t have a lady on each arm but he did obtain a batch of cookies that a camper gave him.

Unbeknownst to Howard, the cookies have “illegal narcotics” in the ingredients and the guys became too high during the trip. Watching the three men talk about random things  —and hearing Raj speak in an American accent — was comical television.

The Kissing Machine

raj and howard kissing machine - tbbt

With Priya away in India, Leonard isn’t sure if he can do a long-distance relationship. Howard tries to help Leonard with his problem by creating a kissing machine. Leonard and Priya would both have a device and would be able to feel each other’s tongue movements from thousands of miles away.

Leonard isn’t interested in trying the machine but Raj sure is! Howard and Raj then kiss each other through their individual machines while Leonard watches, completely perplexed.

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