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The Big Bang Theory: 10 Of The Best Scenes At The Cheesecake Factory

The Big Bang Theory gang spent a lot of time at The Cheesecake Factory when Penny worked as a waitress. The restaurant had some memorable moments.

A majority of The Big Bang Theory‘s scenes were filmed in the group’s homes, Caltech (where Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj worked), and The Cheesecake Factory. While Penny was on the hunt for stardom, she snagged a job at the restaurant chain to pay the bills. Sheldon and co. started dining at the cheesecake powerhouse as a way to see Penny and to eat their weekly usuals.

Due to their weekly visits, plenty of memorable moments occurred over the course of Penny’s time working there. It was the place where Raj could sip on his grasshopper and talk to women, Sheldon could get a burger he relied on, and Leonard could attempt to flirt with Penny. The gang slowly stopped going to The Cheesecake Factory when Penny quit but fans will always have the memories.

Amy’s First Lunch With The Group

penny talking to shamy - tbbt

When Sheldon and Amy first started dating, he didn’t know what to call her. She wasn’t his girlfriend but she was a friend who was also a girl. Penny was shocked that Sheldon was in this months-long relationship with a woman she knew nothing about. Penny met Amy on her first date with Sheldon and soon called her and Sheldon, “Shamy.”

On Amy’s first dining excursion with the group, they went to The Cheesecake Factory where Penny happily greeted them as Shamy. Amy hated the name but it was the start of one of the funniest friendships on the show.

Sheldon Takes A Job Without Being Hired

sheldon working at the cheesecake factory with penny - the big bang theory

When Sheldon has an issue with figuring out a solution to his problem, he tries everything to become focused again. When nothing worked, he decided to get a job at The Cheesecake Factory to keep him busy and multitask.

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The only problem is that Sheldon was never actually hired by The Cheesecake Factory. He simply showed up and started bussing tables. Penny was bewildered by what she was seeing but it didn’t last long. As soon as Sheldon got what he needed from the experience, he left because he “didn’t work” there.

Howard Sings “Bernadette”

howard singing at the cheesecake factory - tbbt

When Bernadette became upset at Howard for proposing on a whim, the only thing he could think of doing to get her to talk to him again was perform a song for her. In front of everyone in the restaurant, Howard sang about messing up and needing Bernadette in his life. Penny was horrified by the performance but Bernadette loved it! His song did the trick and the two were back together shortly after.

Sheldon Drank The Wrong Water

sheldon drank leonards water - tbbt

In “The Engagement Reaction,” the gang is eating at The Cheesecake Factory as usual when Sheldon takes a sip of water. Leonard watched Sheldon take a full sip before informing him that he drank his water. Sheldon was absolutely disturbed at the thought of digesting someone else’s germs.

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He later grabbed a napkin to clean himself off but alas, it wasn’t his napkin. Sheldon freaked out and ran away from the table after contaminating himself. Germaphobia is something to be taken seriously — especially these days — but Sheldon’s reactions were hilarious.

The Rumor About Amy & Sheldon’s Sex Life

Raj and Howard play with condiments at The Cheesecake Factory/Penny holds bin of dishes, looks annoyed

When Sheldon and Amy start dating, Sheldon is a little perplexed by Amy’s new fondness of gossip. The two decide to turn the art of gossiping into a science experiment by creating a fake secret to see how fast the secret spread around the group. There were a few secrets that they ran with but one of them was that Sheldon and Amy slept together.

At the end of the day, the secret spread around the group. In one scene, Raj is enjoying a grasshopper at The Cheesecake Factory when Penny tells him that Sheldon and Amy did the deed. Raj was so shocked that the only thing he could say was “Shut your a*s.”

Penny As A Bartender

Big Bang Theory - Penny as a bartender

There were so many great moments that happened when Penny started bartending. She got Sheldon drunk on numerous occasions, she caught up with Amy about girls’ nights, and she introduced Raj to cocktails he actually enjoyed sipping on. It was a fun changeup to the group’s time at The Cheesecake Factory.

One of the most memorable scenes while Penny was bartending was when she made Sheldon Long Island iced tea and he assumed it was a fancy name for a virgin iced tea. He drank the drinks so fast and ended up confronting Wil Wheaton afterward.

Their First Cheesecake Factory Lunch

the first lunch at the cheesecake factory

When Sheldon and Leonard first met Penny and learned that she was a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory, Leonard forced Sheldon to take a leap of faith and try something new as a means to see her.

At the restaurant, the gang was so involved with their conversation on The Lord of the Rings that Penny’s manager threatened to throw them out. When they finally ordered, Sheldon wasn’t sure what to get because it was all so new to him. He hesitantly ordered a hamburger at Leonard’s behest and waited to be disappointed. However, Sheldon ended up loving his meal and added The Cheesecake Factory to their list of acceptable eateries.

Sheldon’s Robot

The great and powerful woz - the big bang theory - sheldon

In “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification,” Sheldon fears dying before making a contribution to science. Life would be safer for him if he stayed in his bedroom instead of riding in cars and busses and traveling to work every day. To be a part of his friends’ lives, Sheldon created a robot that allowed him to see what was going on. Shockingly, Leonard brought the robot with him to work and The Cheesecake Factory.

With Sheldon in virtual attendance, he saw famed engineer and programmer Steve Wozniak eating at The Cheesecake Factory. Considering he was in robot form, Sheldon regretted his decision and ran to the bus for the chance to meet him.

Bernadette & Penny’s Grudge On Priya

penny meets priya for the first time - tbbt

Leonard and Priya had a lot of promise when they started dating. They had tons in common and were interested in each other’s work. The more serious they became, the more envious Penny got. Thanks to weekly girls’ nights, Penny, Amy, and Bernadette all talked about disrupting Priya and Leonard’s relationship.

One day at The Cheesecake Factory, Bernadette took everyone’s order and told Penny that if Priya ordered a non-fat option, she would totally give her the “full-fat” kind. And funny enough, Bernadette did just that. Priya ordered a diet cola and Bernadette gave her a regular cola.

The Magical Die

sheldon and his die - the big bang theory

In the fifth season, Sheldon felt like he was wasting too much of his time being indecisive and thinking about silly things. To expedite his decisions, he carried around dice and rolled them around when he needed an answer. While at The Cheesecake Factory, Sheldon rolled the die to help him with what to eat, drink, and when to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t the smartest decision Sheldon ever had but it wasn’t the worst either. He seemed happy rolling those dice!

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