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“Why Does Jamie Foxx Look Like Mike Tyson”: Fans Join Logan Paul’s Boxing Coach in Splits as AI Video of Famous Celebrities Including Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington

Milton Lacroix or otherwise known by his social media name Milton Supreme is the boxing coach of the YouTuber-boxer and influencer Logan Paul. Lacroix is the reason behind Paul almost reaching the amateur level even though he only started boxing when he was around 23 years old. Moreover, he has also trained Teofimo Lopez during his amateur career. In fact, he was the one who found out about Lopez’s talent in the sport when he was just a kid. Lacroix has a sizable social media following where he entertains his fans by sharing memes and funny videos from time to time.

This time, however, he posted a video on his Instagram story. The video was posted by junkboxai. The video had the animation of black celebrities dancing as the figure morphs into different celebrities from Morgan Freeman to Denzel WashingtonSamuel L. JacksonIdris Elba, and Jamie Foxx. The caption of the post read, “Black Excellence. Who’s your favorite?” As the post surfaced, fans couldn’t help but share their reactions in the comments.

The video, featuring an ensemble cast of black celebrities, has sparked a whirlwind of reactions across social media platforms. The amalgamation of technology and entertainment showcased in the video has fans exclaiming in disbelief.

One fan, insatiable_ambitions succinctly captured the general sentiment, quipping, “What manner of sorcery is this?” 

Another fan, enjoynaturalhair voiced what seems to be a shared sentiment. He wrote, “I don’t know why this is so fascinating. It must be the dance moves, character changes, and their facial expressions.”

However, not all reactions have been entirely light-hearted. standupgurl cynically remarked, “This AI is cute until it begins to work against us.”



dance12neptune declared, “Denzel and Idris for the Win for me Who y’all got?” 

Meanwhile, kimita_nicole celebrated the appearance of certain favorites, asserting, “Yassss!!! Denzel, Idris, and Jamie!!! Sorry Samuel, your true fan couldn’t get with it!”

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