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“You Would Have Knocked F**king Everybody Out” – Dana White Desperately Tries to Get 57-Year-Old Mike Tyson on Power Slap Hype Train

Dana White’s new venture, The Power Slap, had its fair share of controversy in the past. Despite this, the UFC boss Dana White seems happy with the result and has praised his Power Slap production team for organizing successful events. One reason for the sport’s infamy is the inability of the fighters to defend themselves, which makes many a fan squirm in their seats.

Yet, the show has found its well-wisher in the form of Mike Tyson, who is a good friend of White’s. Recently, White even gifted Tyson a brass knuckle with The Power Slap branding. The duo was even seen joking about the possibility of a person getting hit with the frightening gift. Interestingly, White tried to get Tyson on the power slap hype train after the latter asked if an athlete had been hospitalized after being slapped.


White said, “Oh yeah. Think about back in the day when you were training. If you would have slapped anybody, opened-handed, you would have f*cking knocked everybody out with an open-handed f*cking slap.” 

White’s assertion stands true, as ‘Iron Mike’ was known for his power and ferocity in his fighting days. As such, other than the professional slap fighters, we wouldn’t find many volunteers willing to face Tyson’s slap.

Dana White reveals viewership numbers for Power Slap

In spite of the negative press surrounding Power Slap since its inception, the slap-fighting promotion owned by Dana White has seen astronomical success in terms of views all around the world. Recently, White announced the viewership numbers to the press, and they were nothing short of phenomenal.

The viewership statistics were as follows: Nearly a billion views on YouTube, 300 million views in India, 75 million views in Asia (excluding China), 70 million views in Indonesia, 27 million views in Brazil, 33 million views in Russia, 17 million views in the Philippines, 16 million views in Mexico, 14 million views in Uzbekistan, and 11 million views in Germany.


The staggering success of the venture can be attributed to the shock and awe effect that it rouses in the viewers. As the majority of the athletes are knocked out, it garners a sense of dread and thrill among many. White, capitalizing on this phenomenon, has stated India is leading the way with over 300 million views.

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