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Mike Tyson’s Former Coach Shares His Thoughts on Dillian Whyte Being “Tested Dirty” Yet Again

Dillian Whyte was supposed to fight Anthony Joshua last Saturday, but he couldn’t because of the “adverse analytical findings” in his anti-doping test. So, Matchroom Boxing instantly called Robert Helenius as a replacement, and he agreed despite having already participated in a fight, a week before. The investigation regarding Whyte’s results is still ongoing, but ‘Big Baby’ doesn’t believe the results are accurate.

This is not the first time Whyte has been accused of using a banned substance before the fight. Before this, he has been under the radar twice, and both times he proved his innocence. Now, we are yet to see whether he can do the same this time as well. Recently, Mike Tyson‘s former coach talked about the drug testing of Dillian Whyte and also stated what he thought about this canceled fight.

Mike Tyson’s former coach’s honest thoughts about Dillian Whyte’s anti-doping results

In the recent episode of The Fight with Teddy Atlas, the co-host of the show, Ken Rideout, talked about the whole drug fiasco going on with Dillian Whyte. He stated that it doesn’t make sense to him that Whyte himself paid for the random drug testing, and it was a voluntary pool. And then he’d get tested positive one week before the fight.

To this, Atlas intervened and said, “Ken, you’re giving them too much credit. You’re giving them credit for being smart cheaters, who said they’re smart cheaters?” After this, he mentioned that this is not the first time Whyte has tested positive in such tests. He enunciated, “Here’s another fact, that’s not the first time he tested dirty, and a few years ago I went to bat for this guy, Whyte.

Atlas went on to remember how he stood in solidarity with him when he tested positive ahead of his fight against Oscar Rivas back in 2019. He stated that he believed him at that time, but the fact that he landed in a similar situation 4 years later, makes him lose credibility. Moreover, he further stated something about the rematch between Joshua and Whyte which was cancelled at the last moment.

Teddy Atlas talks about his views on Joshua-Whyte rematch

In the same podcast, Atlas put forward his opinions about the second fight of Joshua-Whyte if it ever happened.

He said, “Here’s the story for me, who cares? I mean who cares? Who cared about this fight? I don’t care if he’s eating freaking Kellogg’s sugar-frosted flakes with Tony the tiger, and Tony the tiger is his cornerman. I don’t care about this fight.

Atlas doesn’t believe that it’s an interesting fight, as Whyte has already been beaten comprehensively by the current world champion Tyson Fury.

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