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The Big Bang Theory: Why Fans Would Love To See A Spin-Off Of Stuart’s Life

If The Big Bang Theory were to create a new spin-off, they should consider exploring the life of comic book store owner Stuart.

With Young Sheldon partway through its fourth season, it’s clear that fans still aren’t over The Big Bang Theory – and it may be time to revisit this world for another spin-off! Of course, with most of the lives of the original gang happily wrapped up, a second spin-off might want to expand this world a little further… perhaps by exploring the life of Stuart Bloom.

Stuart first appeared in the second season of The Big Bang Theory, where fans learn that he owns the guys’ favorite comic book store. Beyond that, though, not a lot is learned, even though he becomes a fairly major character later on in the show. Stuart went to art school, ended up running the comic book store, and wraps up the season with his girlfriend, Denise. With just enough to work from, and a whole lot left to tell, here’s why a Stuart story could be the best next move for TBBT.

Stuart’s Backstory Was Never Explained

Closeup of Stuart Bloom in his comic book shop

Beyond the fact that he went to art school, but failed to make it as a comic artist, and a few sad stories thrown in for laughs, not much is known about Stuart. Was he also bullied for being a nerd, or was he more of a cool creative type? What was he like in his early twenties, and how did he come to own the store? There’s so much that fans still want to know about him.

Learn More About His Artistic Talents

Stuart’s art is also not particularly well-explored, although later in the series he illustrates a children’s book about Howard’s experience in space as he tells it to his daughter. The book does well, so it would be nice to see some more about Stuart being able to finally make more of his artistic dreams a reality – and to see a spin-off about a nerd who isn’t a scientist!

Stuart As A Nanny

Howard and Bernadette talk with Stuart in their living room

While Stuart’s main job is as the owner of the comic book store, there was a brief period where he didn’t have it (after it burned down) and he ended up essentially becoming a Nanny for Howard and Bernadette.

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While this may not be his main job anymore, there’s a lot of comedic potential here, and it seems like he and Denise are still called on to babysit on a regular basis (they were the ones looking after the kids for the series finale). It would be nice to see more of this family, and how Stuart (and Denise) bond with the kids that he looks after.

More Denise

Stuart and Denise at the wedding

Denise only appears in a handful of episodes in the final two seasons of The Big Bang Theory, and that’s a shame, as she’s an excellent character. She doesn’t fit into any of the stereotypes that most of the others do, and she is clearly intelligent, interesting, and deserves more time on screen. Seeing her relationship with Stuart grow and watching them deal with the usual obstacles to a happily ever after would be a great premise for a spin-off (not to mention seeing more of who she is, and who her friends are!).

So Much Space For Growth

big bang theory stuart howard

The longer the show goes on, the more of a sad sack character Stuart becomes – and it would be fantastic to see a show exploring him figuring himself out. One of the best parts of the original series is the fact that the main characters get to really grow into themselves – Leonard becomes more confident, Penny manages to figure out what she should be doing, and even Sheldon figures out his place and finds a partner (without changing the core of who he is). Stuart, as a bit of a pathetic character, has started to grow in confidence by the end of the series – it would make for an inspiring and uplifting series to see more of his success.

A Look At Real Nerd Culture

Penny and Stuart talk in his comic book store

One of the biggest criticisms of The Big Bang Theory is that it is an inaccurate (and fairly offensive) portrayal of nerd stereotypes – dorky dudes who have no social skills, in essence.

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Stuart and his comic book store allow for a look into a side of nerd culture that could be a little more accurately presented, and include all kinds of comic book customers that break the stereotypes of the original show. This could also be an opportunity to fix some of the mistakes of the original.

Potential For Cameos

Big Bang Theory Comic Book Store

One of the best parts of the original show was the cameos from some of the biggest names in nerd culture – and a lot of those happen at the shop, with comic book signings and game tournaments. This leaves the door open for many more cameos in a spin-off show, from the return of Wil Wheaton to bringing on any number of famous faces who show up at the store to do signings.

Stuart And Raj Need More Time To Bloom

Stuart and Raj chat in the comic shop

Stuart and Raj had really started to become close friends by the end of the series – in part because all of their other friends were getting paired up, married, and pregnant. It would be great to see more of this friendship blossom, and watch them deal with how it feels to see their friends hit the big life milestones that they haven’t yet.

The Perfect (Familiar) Central Location

Stuart Bloom in the comic book store

Any Stuart spin-off would spend a lot of time at the comic book store – and that hits the perfect balance between being a familiar spot for fans of the show, and somewhere that has lots of space to bring in new characters and situations. Sitcoms based in a workplace are always fun, and this could be a great way to make a spin-off feel familiar, and also bring in cameos from the original cast, as they come to shop.

Stuart Deserved More On The Show

Stuart sitting on a chair at his comic book store

Possibly the biggest reason for a Stuart spin-off is that he was really let down by the original writing. In his early appearances, he is a bit awkward, but significantly less so than most of the main gang – and he’s a capable guy, with his own business and creative pursuits. However, as time went on, he was turned into a caricature of that original person, someone who was painfully awkward and miserable, with his misery played as a punchline. It would be nice to see a spin-off correct some of that, and show the kind of potential that the original Stuart had.

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