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Big Bang Theory Proves Young Sheldon’s Dad Was Wrong About Georgie

George Sr.'s insistence that George plays football in the latest Young Sheldon because it's best for him is proven wrong in The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory proves that George Sr. is ultimately wrong about Georgie in Young Sheldon. While the original CBS sitcom ended in 2019 after a 12-year run, the network is capitalizing on its enduring popularity through the spin-off prequel which tackles Sheldon Cooper’s life in Medford, Texas before he moved to Pasadena. So aside from his adventures, the Coopers are also very much involved in the project as they’re given their own arcs that may (or may not) connect to what’s previously established in The Big Bang Theory.

Before Young Sheldon, the socially-inept genius’ family was already an established part of his story thanks to the original series. All members of his household made their separate and collective appearances throughout The Big Bang Theory‘s broadcast, offering a sense of what Sheldon’s relationship was like to each of them. George Sr. was long dead before his move to Pasadena so he didn’t technically appear in the series except when they watched an old family tape of him. While Mary, Meemaw, and Missy all visited Sheldon during the early seasons of The Big Bang Theory, Georgie only made an appearance before he got married where it was revealed that he’s become a successful businessman.

This effectively proves George Sr. wrong in the latest Young Sheldon episode titled “An Existential Crisis and a Bear That Makes Bubbles” where he had a conflict with his first-born. While the outing was primarily about Sheldon’s existential crisis following his latest learnings about Philosophy, it also featured a brief fight between his father and brother. Upon realizing that Georgie was skipping classes, George Sr. doubled down on him needing to play on the football team — something that the younger Cooper has always been apprehensive of. Justifying his stance on the matter, George Sr. argued that it’s essential for him to learn about life lessons. Georgie argued that he has a job that he likes and serves the same purpose, but his dad not only dismissed this, he also invalidated his work, saying that he has his life ahead of him to earn money for a living.

Georgie Dr Tire

Georgie has always shown a penchant for business and seeking out a job early on in his life as seen in Young Sheldon turned out to be a great idea, contrary to what his dad thought. When he finally made an appearance on The Big Bang Theory, it’s revealed that he’s the owner of Dr. Tire — the biggest tire retailer in Texas. Aside from being successful on his own, this was also a massive help to the Coopers after George Sr. suffered an untimely death. While Mary has been working too, the Cooper patriarch was the primary income earner in the family. After he died, Georgie’s early moves to learn about business more likely helped them to get by.

While Sheldon’s always been poised to succeed due to being traditionally smart, Georgie’s natural inclination to business and finance was as notable as his brother’s Nobel Prize in Physics. As he mentioned during his intense argument with Sheldon just before he got married to Amy in The Big Bang Theory, he had to build Mr. Tire on his own with very little help from their parents. It’s curious how Young Sheldon would develop his story moving forward, but while George Sr. never saw his first-born succeed in life, chances are that he would’ve been proud of him if he’s alive.

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