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Big Bang Theory: The Main Characters, Ranked By Their Social Skills

From the flirtatious, fun-loving Penny to the awkward genius Sheldon Cooper, we've ranked the Big Bang Theory cast according to their social skills.

It doesn’t take a genius like Sheldon Cooper to figure out that some members of The Big Bang Theory just weren’t all that outgoing, but they did go through their own journeys throughout the show’s run that arguably made them more sociable.

Penny’s arrival certainly had a huge effect on those around her such as Leonard and Amy amongst others. But, out of the main cast, who would rank the highest in a social stand-off? Raj, who needs a drink in his hand to speak to 50% of the population? Or perhaps Howard, whose attempts to talk to women have just come across creepy at the best of times? Regardless, there’s a sure-fire hierarchy of social skills amongst the show’s core group.


Sheldon Cooper sitting down and looking relaxed in The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon ends up as the member of the group with the lowest social status. Throughout the show’s run, the audience was made perfectly aware that Sheldon’s social circle didn’t extend much further than Leonard, Howard, Raj, Stuart, and their girlfriends.

In the seventeenth episode of season four, titled ‘The Toast Derivation,’ Sheldon hosts a karaoke night which he had to extend his reach further to invite some guests who included Penny’s ex Zack, Barry Kripke, and Levar Burton. Even though they attended, calling them Sheldon’s friends would have been a stretch, to say the least.


Stuart smiling in The Big Bang Theory.

Ranking just above Sheldon is Stuart, every fan’s favorite comic book store owner. Even though his social life is almost as non-existent as Sheldon’s, working at the comic book store does mean that Stuart gets to meet a lot of people every day.

Granted, not all of these people will be his friends, but at least he has had positive interactions with Captain Sweatpants and Will Wheaton, which is more than Sheldon can say. However, it is important to keep in mind that Stuart used his comic book store Halloween parties to meet women, and, in his own words, “ninth times the charm.”


Amy and Sheldon have a serious conversation

Thanks to Penny and Bernadette, Amy went from the socially awkward microbiologist to the much more confident and carefree Amy that fans saw at the end of the show’s run. The show never went into too much detail on Amy’s old relationships before Sheldon.

Once Amy met the other girls, they regularly attended girls’ nights, and she even explores a few new relationships of her own while she and Sheldon took breaks from their relationship. This included a date with Stuart, a sympathy date with Bert from Caltech, and Dave Gibbs.


Howard uses many unorthodox methods to attempt to get dates, and most have creeped out girls such as Penny. A particularly egregious example of this occurred in season two when Penny yelled at Howard for his behaviour, which caused him to have a small mental breakdown.

Howard had been on dates before the show began, but, based on his track record, he gets an A for effort, but a much lower score in terms of altogether success.


Rajesh Koothrapali

Everyone who has seen at least one season of the Big Bang Theory will know that Raj’s confidence increases as his alcohol intake increases. That being said, he still isn’t quite on the same level as Leonard.

Throughout the show, Raj had many friends and numerous relationships such as Lalita, Abby, Angela, Lucy and Emily, among others, while also having a very promising interaction with Summer Glau. It also goes without saying that Raj comes off slightly less creepy in most social situations than Howard does. Even though Raj and Howard are on a similar level, once Raj gets a sip of alcohol, he easily tops Howard in social status.


Leonard smiling widely in The Big Bang Theory.

Leonard was always the most sociable of the group from the get-go, and not just because he ended up going out with Penny from early on, but because his mannerisms and attitude were much more normal than Raj, Howard and Sheldon.

Even though Leonard didn’t technically go on as many dates or nights out that Howard and Raj did, the fact that he was much easier for anyone to have a normal conversation with ranks him the highest male member of the core four.


Bernadette with a baby monitor on TBBT

Without a doubt the second most sociable one of the core cast is Bernadette Rostenkowski. Bernadette had far fewer dates and relationships than some of the other members, but, much like Leonard, it goes without saying that Bernadette would be much easier to talk to than the majority of the other cast members. Coming second only to Penny, Bernadette seems like the lovable, talkative person that anyone would love to spend time with.


Penny Big Bang theory

It’s no surprise that, out of all the characters, Penny tops the list with the highest social status. Penny already had numerous boyfriends and girlfriends before she even met Leonard in the first episode. Penny has so many great traits that would make her a great friend and date for anyone.

Throughout the first few seasons, Penny was always going to social events with friend’s from work and even had a massive Halloween party in her apartment with a guest list that likely outnumbered the total number of friends that the gang had put together. It’s a good thing her social status rubbed off a bit on Leonard as the show progressed.

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