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“That Would Have Just Let Me to Jail or Dead”: Jake Paul Confesses to Mike Tyson About How Boxing Saved His Life

Jake Paul weighs in on his life before boxing. While living in Los Angeles a few years ago, the YouTuber-turned-boxer was seemingly unhappy with that lifestyle. But things took a new turn in 2018 when he fought his first boxing match as an amateur against British YouTuber Deji Olatunji. Two years later, he made his professional debut against YouTuber AnEsonGib, and the rest is history. Paul has quickly made a name for himself in the sport. Just two weeks ago, Paul fought and defeated an MMA veteran, Nate Diaz. But is that the only reason Paul is so passionate about boxing?

In a recent episode of “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” Paul revealed how he wanted an escape from the lifestyle he led in Los Angeles. In addition, he unveiled his problems dealing with anxiety. Boxing assisted Paul in embarking on a new life of discipline and hard work. He shifted to Puerto Rico a few years ago and devoted his life to the sport.

Deliverance in the squared circle for Jake Paul

Jake Paul mentioned that he suffered from pangs of uneasiness and worry. But thankfully, boxing came to his rescue. He also shared that at one point in Los Angeles, when he was barely twenty-one, all he did was move through drinking binges, indulging in ceaseless revelry, adding, “…surrounded by a lot of people chasing this like weird lifestyle for whatever reason for validation.”

He might have even ended up in prison but for the timely intervention of boxing. So he said, “That would have just let me to jail or dead. That’s when boxing entered into my life. I sobered up, started training all day, got healthy, and got my mind right.” It is safe to say that Paul has found his true passion. However, this has not been the only instance where he has reflected on his past and credited boxing with saving him.

Paul reflects on his YouTube career

Paul was quite a successful YouTuber. He had a meteoric rise on the platform. However, he is not as frequent a YouTuber as he once was, and he credits that to the sport of boxing. In an interview, he reflected, “If it [weren’t] for boxing, I wouldn’t have stopped and put the camera down.” Paul is now immersed in the sport. Many recognize him more as a boxer than a YouTuber now. However, he has yet to secure validation from a substantial section of the boxing world.

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