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Young Sheldon Creates A Big Bang Theory Amy & Sheldon Marriage Plot Hole

Young Sheldon season 4, episode 9 features adult Sheldon reminiscing about his honeymoon with Amy, but he had some important details wrong.

Young Sheldon season 4, episode 9, “Crappy Frozen Ice Cream and an Organ Grinder’s Monkey” inadvertently creates a The Big Bang Theory plot hole about Sheldon and Amy’s first night as a married couple. As the socially-inept genius continues his early days as a college student, he is slowly starting to settle in his new environment. Not long after suffering an existential crisis after learning about Philosophy, however, Sheldon once again faced another hurdle as he’s forced to cozy up with one of East Texas Tech’s biggest donors.

Initially hesitant to attend the dinner as he deemed it wrong, Sheldon ultimately agreed after George Sr. reminded him that it’s through donors that the college is able to afford his scholarship in the Young Sheldon outing. As someone who’s not used to conforming to social etiquette, however, the young Cooper struggled to keep his snarky remarks to himself despite spending all day practicing with Billy. But long before his outburst about numerology and science, Sheldon’s adult narration early on was already enough to distract The Big Bang Theory fans as he may have remembered his honeymoon night with Amy incorrectly.

Known as a germophobe, Sheldon doesn’t hold hands with anyone — even his family. He usually wears mittens when he has to during prayers before dinner. So naturally, he has a difficult time shaking the hands of East Texas Tech’s donor upon meeting him. Eventually, he did; simultaneously, adult Sheldon’s narration said that he only shook the man’s hand for the sake of science, the same principle he applied when he had to sleep with Amy during their honeymoon. The problem with this is that it’s not an accurate comparison. Sheldon wasn’t forced to do anything with his wife during their New York trip after getting married. While he wasn’t exactly someone who wanted to hit the sheets as often as possible, he was more than happy to do so, not for the sake of science, but because he wanted to.

Amy and Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

If anything, this was an insulting remark considering that Sheldon and Amy had been sexually active long before they got married. Granted that they initially only did it during special occasions, over time, he learned to like it. Adult Sheldon’s remark in the latest episode of Young Sheldon would’ve worked if he didn’t specify his honeymoon since he actually considered creating a baby with Amy for science’s sake a couple of times, believing that their combined genetics would create potentially make the perfect baby.

What makes this slip worse is the fact that Sheldon supposedly has an eidetic memory. It’s the reason why he can recall all these experiences when he was still in Medford, Texas in Young Sheldon. Given this, it’s almost impossible for him to commit this slip-up. In any case, considering that the CBS prequel spin-off isn’t really the best when it comes to preserving the established continuity in The Big Bang Theory, this isn’t that surprising. That being said, this plot hole was unnecessary since they could’ve referenced all the other things Sheldon was forced to do for the sake of science.

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