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“Tyson’s Prime Would’ve Been Longer Had He…”: Insane Training Video of ‘Bad Man’ Mike Tyson Leaves Fans Jaw-Dropped

Mike Tyson has been known for his incredible in-ring performances. But his rigorous training routine played a profound role in shaping him as a boxer. Recently, an old video of Tyson demonstrating his fantastic dodge technique surfaced online. The clip also showed footage from a bout where Tyson used that technique to knockout his opponent. Many fans who saw it went on a nostalgic drive.

In his prime, Tyson would wake up at 4 a.m. for a morning run to gain a psychological edge over his opponents. Nearly seven million people have already viewed the insane training video of Mike Tyson that surfaced online a couple of days ago. A stream of comments by amazed fans soon followed.

A training video of Mike Tyson breaks the internet

The following user shared his love for the youngest Heavyweight champion and his training videos, calling this especially “legendary.”


Another fan, Rei Lorenzo, pointed out that Tyson lost his shine once Kevin Rooney left the camp. He stated that Tyson would have probably stayed at the top for some more time had the ace trainer stayed around.


However, Dane attributed Tyson’s success to his intimidation of his opponents. He started losing once he faced opponents who weren’t unfazed by his reputation.


Meanwhile, Jack pointed out the impact of Tyson on people’s lives. He claimed that the boxing legend also inspired people to do “Dempsey roll” during their workouts.


The following user shares what he believes made Tyson great: He claimed that, besides his power, his technique made Tyson one of the all-time greats in boxing.


The following user discussed how quick Tyson’s fights generally were. They added that Tyson’s fights had everybody’s eyes glued to their TV screens. Given his penchant for knockouts, the bouts used to get over so quickly that they couldn’t even move to get some snacks from the kitchen.

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